I Don’t Wanna Grow Up: The Real Reason Why Everyone Hates Jerry

Everyone knows why Jerry from Parks and Recreation is terrorized by the rest of the staff. He’s clumsy, overweight, and is inevitably in the wrong place at the wrong time, allowing his coworkers to ceaselessly come up with new ways to torment him. But, frankly, other characters are equally clumsy (Andy), overweight (Donna), and fit the role of comic paradigms (Andy, for example, embodies slapstick, complimenting Jerry’s representation of crude humor)… So, what’s the real reason why the staff aligns behind the phrase, “Screw you, Jerry!”? I think the answer may be the juxtaposition the entire show rides on….

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Movie Reviews: Busting Out

My interest in reviewing documentaries for you beautiful, naïve, sophisticated new-born babies is primarily to break up the notion that documentaries are like those after-dinner History Channel specials (why don’t they just call it the “WWII and Nostradamus Conspiracy Channel?”). Not only for you, but, uhm, for myself. Continue reading

We Try It!: Art Workshop (as a non-Artist)

I love companies like Living Social and Groupon. For a lot of reasons really, but primarily because 1) I, too, am allergic to paying full price, 2) they encourage me to travel to new parts of the city where I otherwise would have no reason to go, and 3) they offer me opportunities that without discount I couldn’t afford. One of such opportunities was a three-hour workshop at an artist’s gym in Brooklyn. Continue reading

Insults with Feminists: “Douchebag”

I like to curse”¦ a lot. And I like to be as creative with spellings as I am with uses (fuck can be used in a surprisingly diverse number of ways). As a feminist, though, I’m constantly considering linguistic histories of the words that I use. With regard to cursing, I think things like, “What’s the male equivalent of ‘bitch’? Is there one? Of ‘pussy’? Is it OK to use these words? In what context?” Sure, you have “dick,” but, let’s be honest, it doesn’t hold the same demeaning history. Continue reading

Words to Live By: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Grandma Philososaurus is apparently infamous for this phrase. Unfortunately, I appear to be the only grand child who didn’t hear these words of advice, and perhaps the one most in need of them.

I started my MA program at my dream school three semesters ago. I’m nearly done now. I’ve established myself socially, traveled abroad to present my work, and have built relationships with my professors. Since coming into the program, I have received praise and reassurance from peers and faculty, not to mention my wonderful support system cheering me on. Nonetheless, I’ve spent nearly three years thinking, “alright, today is the day they realize I’m fooling these bastards and kick me out of the program.” Never mind that this would be the first time in the history of ever someone was kicked out mid-semester, despite managing excellent attendance and straight As. Never mind all the qualifications and support I’ve mentioned above…. Nope, it doesn’t matter at all. Continue reading

How to Make the Perfect Pot of Tea

I’m known for many things: my love of all things fluffy, especially bunny rabbits; my innate ability to always give too much information; and for making a badass pot of tea.

Ever get somewhat nauseous after a cup of tea? That’s because it was brewed too long. Tea should be smooth, drinkable, flavorful, and I’ll show you–in just a few steps–how to make a perfect pot of tea.

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Twitter: Showing Its Potential One Account at a Time

At first glance, this relatively new Twitter account appears to be one woman’s attempt to catalogue the interactions of neighborhood, particularly between the bums on the street corner. @BumsOfMyrtleAve recently started following me and, given my interest in the homeless population and, particularly, our (non) interactions with them, I decided to return the follow. What I expected was a type of “shit homeless bums” say. What I mean is, I feared the worst. What I found instead was an entire philosophy about “bums” in a refreshingly positive way. Continue reading

On BFFs: What to Do When Your BFF Finds Out She Has a Chronic Disease

Last August, after years of doctors’ appointments and too many tests that came back as inconclusive, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, which until a few months prior, I had never even heard of. All I could do was talk about it. It was a way for me to work through what I was dealing with, not so much in a therapeutic way (though that, too), but it seemed essential to even to processing what was going on. I knew that hearing about it all the time was burdensome to certain others, but I also know that I think through talking (I don’t know what “thinking before you speak” even means). Continue reading

Finally, A Chain Mail Worth Responding To: Recipes for Everyone!

I sure am glad that only my grandmother still sends me the age-old chain email: “ZOMGZ IF YOU DON’T SEND THIS TO 400 OF YOUR MOST FAVORITE FRIENDS YOU’RE SURE TO DIE A HORRIBLE, POSSESSED-CHILD-ORIENTED DEATH.”

I’m not sure if anyone else has received this email chain (which is a huge upgrade, imo), but I’ve been on the recipient end of three of them now. The game goes like this: you receive the email because you’ve been bcc:ed with 20 other people. You email a recipe to the person listed first on a list in the email, and move the person in position two (who emailed you) to position one, then mail it out to 20 people you know who’d like to participate in the game. Continue reading