Soup of the Day: Spinach Clam Soup

It sounds like a weird combination, but this soup is a tradition in my family. It came from a restaurant that one of my uncles worked at in the ’80s. My mom’s family goes bonkers for it. Especially my great-uncle, who one year, hid the big container that my mom had brought to my grandmother’s for everyone to share at dinner so that he could take it home with him. It’s light and creamy, and the saltiness of the clams works perfectly with the spinach. For me, it brings back strong memories of preparing holiday meals with my mom. Cooking with her is still one of my favorite activities. Continue reading

This Open Thread is Not Going to Move Tomorrow

I have terrible workout habits. I go several weeks without stepping foot in the gym. And then serveral days with my gym clothes in my car, so that I can go right after work (we all know how that goes). Tonight, I went for the first time in about two weeks. There were lots of squats. And lunges. And a terrible thing called a burpee wall-ball, as if burpees aren’t awful enough, someone got the genius idea to add throwing a medicine ball into the mix. Continue reading

This Open Thread is Wearing Cookie Pants

Today was “BAKE ALL THE COOKIES!” day. I made ricotta cookies, and chocolate marshmallow crinkle cookies (from a Williams-Sonoma mix I bought for my husband a few months ago). The house smells AMAZING. There are five or six dozen cookies cooling on my kitchen table, some to be taken to work, and some to be left at home because I would rather not make Mr. qSS cry twice this week.  Continue reading