We Try It: Blue Apron

You’ve probably come across the ads on Facebook or Pinterest, and thought, “Who needs to have meals prepped and sent to them?” The answer is: anyone who is sick of deciding what to make for dinner, despises the post-work trip to the grocery store, or has a habit of making way too much food for the number of people dining. I happen to fall into all of these categories. And when a friend asked if anyone wanted a free week trial of Blue Apron, I jumped on it. I mean, who doesn’t want free meals delivered to their front door? Read More We Try It: Blue Apron

Surviving *-free

I love pasta. And cheese. And tofu. I have on occasion said that if I had to choose between my husband and cheese, cheese would win. Which is why giving up dairy, soy, and gluten was a difficult decision, one made out of desperation. Read More Surviving *-free