This Open Thread is Snowed In

Happy Snowpocalypse, y’all. Well, at least to the northeast U.S. Persephoneers. I hope everyone is safe and sound, with some reserves of their hot beverage and/or booze of their choice. I’m simultaneously hoping for an extra snow day while muttering envious profanities that Mr. qSS is in southern California, land of 70 degrees and sunny every day. Read More This Open Thread is Snowed In

This Open Thread is “Clopening”

Ah, the “Clopen.” A retail worker’s worst nightmare. It’s trade lingo for either closing the store and then opening the next morning, leaving one with the feeling that it was a waste of time to drive home and maybe having a cot in the stockroom isn’t the worst idea ever, or working the dreaded open to close shift. Read More This Open Thread is “Clopening”