Allow Me Some Elitism-related Ranting for a Second

You know how people complain that academia (the institution, not necessarily the individual members) is part of the “ivory tower” complex, detached from the realities of society, etc.? I do not necessarily agree with that, however, I just had a “shaking fist” moment at my screen. Read More Allow Me Some Elitism-related Ranting for a Second

Buy Local

I’ve been meaning to write about the “Buy Local” trend for a while. You know which one, the pandering about eating locally grown/produced foods, buying clothes made within the community, etc. The reasoning behind it is quite logical, it makes sense in a sustainable kind of way. You support your local community, you support yourself (help create jobs, do your part to reduce carbon footprint, etc.). Read More Buy Local

Two Weeks From Now: Women’s Day & What You Can Do About It

I know many often wonder what they can do to raise awareness and be actors in bringing change. For the past few days we have seen an unusual assault on reproductive rights and women’s bodies. March 8th, International Women’s Day, would be a great opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that we are a long way from true equality and we can do something about it, especially with some planning and forethought. So, what can we do about it? A number of things, but here are some suggestions. Read More Two Weeks From Now: Women’s Day & What You Can Do About It

Women In Literature

For anyone that doubts the lesser status of women in the highest echelons of English speaking literature, here’s a great article from last week to get a good reality check, courtesy of the NY Times. Today, ten years into the 21st Century, two of the most prestigious literary clubs in London and New York, are still debating if women should be freely allowed to join or not. Read More Women In Literature