Best of P-Mag: Porn ““ To X or Not to X

I love this piece because it asks questions about something that most of us have conflicted feelings on. I love pron! I hate money shots! Buck Angel is awesome! Buck Angel is a dick! Oooh, sex! OOOOOh, thats not sex! Nothing inspires a good, hearty conversation like the place of porn in our culture and Rosa does an amazing job at touching all the points. – Coco Papy Read More Best of P-Mag: Porn ““ To X or Not to X

Porn ““ To X or Not to X

Pornography is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matters for sexual gratification. Well, that’s the basic definition of porn. But what does that really mean? I have been pondering this for weeks and trying to nail (PUN) down the definition and welp, I can’t. Read More Porn ““ To X or Not to X

Ladies First

I originally pitched writing a sort of “History of Women in Hip Hop” post but couldn’t find my way as I wasn’t sure which route to follow. Then it dawned on me, I should write about the women in hip hop that I love most and why. I have been a rabid hip hop fan since the mid ’80s, when I was in middle school and couldn’t stop boogeying on the dance floor. Read More Ladies First

DEAR JOHN: An Open Letter to John Singleton

I am writing you a letter because I wanted to say “I love you.” I mean, it goes a little beyond that and it’s not a romantic thing, but it is a thing. I love you so much that I have been holding off writing you for, I dunno, 18 years. I keep waiting to find the right time to write you, but there really isn’t a good time for deep conversations, is there? Here. I’ll just rip off the Band-Aid and get this done. Read More DEAR JOHN: An Open Letter to John Singleton

Get A Job!

I mentioned in a prior post about my disdain for cooking and, subsequently, domestic household duties. I have tried to instill some basic household organization by trying to maintain basic cleanliness and order, but when you have a kid, that’s pretty much impossible. Between the toys, the papers, and the stuff they collect, it’s a never-ending battle you probably can’t win and shouldn’t fight anyway. Read More Get A Job!

We R Who We R?

There is a lot of discussion about the state of pop music and the women who are in the mix. (GET IT, THE JOKE?) The indelible Sady Doyle  discussed the issue at length, with her explanation about how Katy Perry is in fact, a false feminist prophet in fake eyelashes and polka-dots. Read More We R Who We R?

Top Chef

I hate to cook. I don’t mind doing it and know the importance of cooking my food; for me or my family, but honestly? I don’t like doing it. I don’t walk into the kitchen and go,’FUCK YEAH! LET’S MAKE SOME DINNER!’ Read More Top Chef