The Great Orgasm Challenge: Birth Control

In our great, noble pursuit of the illustrious orgasm, the chances of getting pregnant are a bit more elevated than they would be were we not all pursuing said orgasms. So, today, we’re going to talk about contraceptives. Gather ’round, kiddos. TW for fertility-related issues.

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Lunchtime Poll: Feeling Restless

Happy Tuesday, Persephoneers! I’ve been working my way through this (incredibly tasty) omelet month lately, and the main reason I embarked upon it was because I was bored with the food I’d been making lately. Which got me thinking.

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The Great Orgasm Challenge: Surprising Tidbits

Welcome back to our journey toward 52 (or Insert Your Goal Number Here) Orgasms for the year 2012! We’re approaching 1/4 of the year complete, which should put most of us right around a dozen orgasms so far. I think I am just about on track for that (give or take), and would love to hear in the comments how you’re doing, too. But first, a video with interesting facts about orgasm.

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Omnomlet Month: The First Seven

About two weeks ago, I announced a new project: Omnomlet Month! It’s born mostly out of my total boredom with what I’d been doing in my kitchen lately, and also out of the fact that I love breakfast food. Well, after some pressing family issues-related delays, I am one week into the process, and it has been glorious so far. Today, I’m going to walk you through a tutorial on how to cook a perfect omelet, and then I’ll give you some tasting notes on the first seven omelets.

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The Great Orgasm Challenge: Body Positivity

Well, hello, orgasming Persephoneers! You know, when it comes to sex, there often seems to be an elephant in the room. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel like I am the elephant. Thunder thighs, flabby belly, lumbering around the bed like a great pachyderm. I try for body positivity, but so often, especially when I’m naked, it’s just really, really hard.

Pun intended.

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Lunchtime Poll: Supporting Friends

Within the close circle of people I love, there have been dozens (literally) of pretty life-altering, somewhat tragic circumstances happening lately. Deaths in the family, serious illnesses, financial catastrophes, long-term relationships breaking up, heartbreak left and right. The gods are cruel.

Anyway, I believe strongly in feeding grief. It’s how I was raised, and it’s how I know what to do when things go badly. But most of my close circle lives, geographically, scattered to the wind these days. From previous conversations here about friendship, I know that’s true for many of you. Which brings us to today’s Lunchtime Poll.

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The Great Orgasm Challenge: Shark Week Edition

For those of you who are just tuning in recently, we challenged all Persephoneers to a 52-orgasms-in-2012 goal. For some readers, that’s a piece of cake. For others, it’ll take some real effort. Some of you are doing it in monogamous partnerships, some are flying solo, some are getting it on with and without other people. Whatever the case may be, we welcome you. And I want to ask you about sex on your period.

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