New Show Recap: Mad Men Season 6, Ep. 1-2 “The Doorway”

Welcome to Mad Men Season 6 and 1968 in the world of the show! As I did last season, rather than try to recap each and every scene, I’m going to focus more on general arcs and themes within the show and the characters that I found worth discussing. I’ll read all the comments so if there’s something (or someone) you don’t think I’m paying enough attention to, let me know! Continue reading

We Try It!: Self-Publishing

About a month before I got my master’s degree, I was chatting with one of my professors about the topic I’d picked for my final research paper and joked that I’d had to narrow my scope pretty severely because I found out that my original topic was so broad that  “I could write a book on it.” He said, “Why don’t you?” and started me on a journey that is sort of still going on. Continue reading

New Show Recap: The New Normal, Ep. 21 and 22, “Finding Name-O” and “The Big Day”

Double episode tonight! Everything’s going to be wrapped up! Probably. So, Bryan and David are working on planning their wedding, one which I’m sure is strictly ceremonial since it’s still not legal for gay couples in California to marry. Unfortunately, Bryan and David have very different tastes. Literally, as right now they’re arguing about cake. Bryan wants the blood orange over David’s pick of red velvet. We also learn they haven’t picked a baby name yet. Later, David tells Bryan that he wants Bryan’s mother at their wedding, but Bryan is resistant. Bryan gives in, but only because it’s important to David. Continue reading