Dispatches from Ladyblogland

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I put these links together before the Hobby Lobby decision, and I’m sure much will be written about it this week. We’ll start off with Ginsburg’s dissent and then move on to the ladyblogland that was before SCOTUS made us all cry tears of rage.

[E] Sally LawtonDispatches from Ladyblogland

We Try It: Deo-Go Stain Remover

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You know what’s a great look? A crisp, white blouse tucked into jeans. It’s very 1960s casual chic. Do you know what doesn’t look good? The yellowing of the pits on a crisp, white blouse. You may not know this, but the main reason for yellow pits on your lovely white blouses is not sweat. The culprit is the aluminum … Read More

[E] Sally LawtonWe Try It: Deo-Go Stain Remover