P-Mag’s Ultimate Cocktails: The Russian Lit

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[Original publication date: May 8, 2014] Oh, I see you over there, Moscow Mules, with your vodka and fancy copper drinking vessels. Your existence is all well and good, but you do not contain the most magical of liquors: Gin. [ed. note: HELL YEAH!]

Sara HabeinP-Mag’s Ultimate Cocktails: The Russian Lit

Friday News Bites: #Ferguson Updates, #ALSIceBucketChallenge + More

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Goodness, it’s been quite the week for social justice, to understate it. Just when we thought the protesters vs. police  in Ferguson, Missouri, had finally calmed somewhat, law enforcement overreacted again. This and more, after the jump:

Sara HabeinFriday News Bites: #Ferguson Updates, #ALSIceBucketChallenge + More

Doctor Who: 5 Fantastic Moments Since “The Time of The Doctor”

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Eight months have elapsed since Matt Smith’s Doctor regenerated into Peter Capaldi, and for mildly enthusiastic fans like myself, the wait has felt very, very long. However, Doctor Who‘s effective publicity machine rolled on, and between the BBC and people following the outdoor shooting schedule, the rest of us could at least have a few treats along the way. Mild spoilers await, Sweetie, but let’s … Read More

Sara HabeinDoctor Who: 5 Fantastic Moments Since “The Time of The Doctor”

Record Machine: In The City by The Jam

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I woke up with the Paul Weller song “From The Floorboards Up” stuck in my head, and it felt like as good a sign as any to talk about his old band in this week’s column.

Sara HabeinRecord Machine: In The City by The Jam

Book Review: Twee by Marc Spitz

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Though anything overly cliquish, with rules of operation and preconceived notions, makes me squirm, I realized that I had made assumptions of my own about the word “Twee,” and any movement that might be associated with it. So with mixed feelings did I pick up one mouthful of a title: Twee: The Gentle Revolution in Music, Books, Television, Fashion, and … Read More

Sara HabeinBook Review: Twee by Marc Spitz