Soup of the Day: Spicy Tomato Lentil

Happy Burns Night! January 25th is, in Scotland, known as Burns Night. It’s when we celebrate our beloved bard, Robert Burns; it’s a celebration involving haggis, neep, tatties and considerable amounts of whisky. So logic would dictate that the following soup involve haggis, and well, everyone has boundaries. Mine involve having haggis soup. Continue reading

We Try It: Making a Tinsel Wreath!

Whilst some people in the world were celebrating this thing called “Thanksgiving” (I hear it involves a lot of turkey and pie), this Brit was putting up Christmas decorations. To make things even better, the quest to find decorations in the depths of the house led to the discovery of hitherto unknown mountains of tinsel. Such beauty! To conquer this aforementioned mountain of tinsel would take some work and then I remembered I had been wanting more wreaths in the house… Continue reading

The End Of Breastfeeding (Featuring A Pair Of Great Tits)

A heavy frost had settled overnight. The sun crept over the cottage roof across the lane and the frost crept back towards the slates in the shade. I was wondering how the crooked aerial was still clinging on to the crooked chimney stack, as Little Juniper sat on my lap and watched the news channel. I croaked Mr. Juniper’s name, managed to say it with just enough volume for him to hear from the kitchen. He came through and I broke down. I had been saying for months that maybe the end of our breastfeeding journey was nigh. Staring out the window, I knew the day had come. Continue reading