Caregiving: Monsters, Furniture, and Awareness

October seems to be the month of awareness. I feel very aware of mental illness. I watch it drag him down, bring him to his knees, smack him around for good measure. It’s interesting to see the manifestations of mental illness when personified or anthropomorphised. What kind of monster will it be? If I’m honest, I see mental illness less as a monster and more like a piece of furniture. Read More Caregiving: Monsters, Furniture, and Awareness

Caregiving: Delicate

It is easy to get lost in jargon when talking about mental health. I endeavour to keep conversation comfortable; I talk about my husband’s mental health issues. Issues. It is such a delightfully benign word to use. Issues. It suggests an easy to read pamphlet. Bullet points, perhaps? Issues. In my attempt to be delicate, I fear I am being misleading. Read More Caregiving: Delicate

Caregiving: Fear

Wearing his shirt isn’t meant to be dramatic. It’s soft and comfortable. It was in reach as I tumbled out of bed, bleary-eyed. All would be well by the afternoon. A hospital admission just to be on the safe side, that was all. Not his doing. Doctors who care. Gratitude for that helps to balance out the panic. Read More Caregiving: Fear

Recipe Roundup: A Little Bit Nutty

This roundup has been gently aware that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are something of an American favourite and so comes the inspiration for this week’s roundup: peanut butter. Peanuts aren’t technically nuts, but really, since when did science come before deliciousness? Read More Recipe Roundup: A Little Bit Nutty

Our Favourite Children’s Books

We’re always finding different books on the Internet or discovering a great read in the library, and so our book collection is ever changing. And growing. My goodness, is it growing. These are a few of our current favourites. Read More Our Favourite Children’s Books