Recipe Roundup: All About Indulgence

This roundup is all about indulgence. This roundup has not been doing any January diets. In fact, this roundup is indulging is great chocolate and great recipes. Continue reading Recipe Roundup: All About Indulgence

Caregiving: Pillow Talk

It’s been too long. Cushions everywhere and wrapped up in a blanket, I feel like I could sink into sleep far too easily. Come, it’s late, there are more blankets. Quilt, comforter, fleece, wool. Cushions and pillows, too. The blinds are down and curtains are drawn. There’s the patter of three sets of paws looking for supper. The hour is late and I can’t bring myself to climb the stairs to go to bed. To give in to the day’s aches as my head sinks into the pillow. I can’t. Not yet.

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Festive Recipe Roundup: Traditional Christmas Cakes

‘Tis the season to be jolly! ‘Tis also the season to bake traditional Christmas cakes if they aren’t already maturing in a cupboard. Usually consisting of copious quantities of dried fruit and alcohol, this is a holiday favourite. There are many different ways of putting this type of cake together, so let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading Festive Recipe Roundup: Traditional Christmas Cakes

Birth. Stories. Horror. Power.

Stories matter. They are one of the fundamental ways in which we learn. In pregnancy and childbirth, “horror stories” are to avoided. To be ignored. To be drowned out by the empowered. Why does empowerment need to come at the exclusion of a whole spectrum of knowledge? Continue reading Birth. Stories. Horror. Power.