Caregiving: Support

Where to begin? I feel like there should be a punch line around here somewhere. Support for carers is an interesting one, for a couple of reasons in particular. One is that whatever support there is for the person being cared for (with the dear hope that there is some), there is usually only a fraction for the carer. The other is the hierarchy in support concerning carers of people with physical issues and carers of people with psychiatric issues, or rather, an attitude of some that there should be a hierarchy. Read More Caregiving: Support

The End Of An Era

Hogmanay is going to be here soon and I keep thinking about when eras come to an end. One era in particular: Harry Potter. Hear me out … I’m in my early twenties and part of the Harry Potter Generation. That is to say, I grew up with Harry Potter. And in July, said a real goodbye of sorts, when the last Harry Potter film came out. Read More The End Of An Era

Caregiving: The Relationship In The Middle

Logic would suggest that given Mr. Juniper is my husband, Daddy to Juniper Junior and the one who Juniper Puss does his best to kick out of our bed, that we have relationship. Time for Mental Illness and Relationships 101: when one partner has a mental illness and the other partner is a carer, the partnership is going to be faced with another stress. That is, another stress amongst all the other ordinary partnership stress fun-times. Read More Caregiving: The Relationship In The Middle

Caregiving: Turning The Tables

When I was writing the Hogswatch Special, I knew I would need to bring in balance, though I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to pull it off. The balance being that with the extra stress brought by Hogswatch, I need to make sure I’m taking care of myself, and that it’s a critical part of caregiving, too. Read More Caregiving: Turning The Tables

Caregiving: Hogswatch Special

With just eleven days until Hogswatch, it seemed like the time had come for a Caregiving Hogswatch Special. (Yes, Hogswatch. I’m attempting to avoid The C Word.) Hogswatch is a wonderful time of year. A time for gifts, good food and decorations galore. A time for stress, anxiety and meltdowns. Read More Caregiving: Hogswatch Special

Caregiving: Crisis And Kindness

There are two kinds of crisis in the Juniper household. There are the ordinary ones and the mental health ones. An ordinary crisis is when the washing machine breaks, someone comes down with flu, or there are zombies attacking the house. The mental health crisis is hospital visits, emergency psychiatrist appointments and caring for someone who is fragile and in pain. Read More Caregiving: Crisis And Kindness

Caregiving: Being Able To Say I’m A Carer

Um, yeah, hello. My name’s Juniper, and I’m a carer for my mentally ill husband. It’s taken me six years to be able to say that without hesitating, tripping over my words or bottling out altogether and saying nothing. Oh, I don’t mind saying that I’m married to someone who is mentally ill, what I struggle to say is that I’m a carer. Read More Caregiving: Being Able To Say I’m A Carer