Recipe Roundup: A Little Bit Nutty

This roundup has been gently aware that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are something of an American favourite and so comes the inspiration for this week’s roundup: peanut butter. Peanuts aren’t technically nuts, but really, since when did science come before deliciousness? Read More Recipe Roundup: A Little Bit Nutty

Our Favourite Children’s Books

We’re always finding different books on the Internet or discovering a great read in the library, and so our book collection is ever changing. And growing. My goodness, is it growing. These are a few of our current favourites. Read More Our Favourite Children’s Books

Recipe Roundup: Thinking Pink

This Roundup is late for a very important date. If this Roundup had been late for its period, it wouldn’t be looking for two blue lines. Oh no. This Roundup would be seeing its midwife for a dating scan. Persephoneers, this Roundup can barely bring itself to admit that it is late for a very important date. Deep breaths. It’s okay. This Roundup missed February 15th. Half-Price Chocolate Day. It — it’s okay. We can get through this together. There was April’s attempt at chocolate celebrations, but nothing quite lives up to the anticipation of February 15th. Those prices. Those chocolates. So clutch your pearls, it’s time for a shotgun Roundup of all things pink. Read More Recipe Roundup: Thinking Pink

Caregiving: The Danger of Wishing

Wishes are something I have always been cautious of. I can’t offer one singular reason. It isn’t a fear of the supernatural, I don’t believe wishes are real. I don’t believe that by uttering the words, some force may impose good or ill upon me. I’m uncomfortable with them, nonetheless. Read More Caregiving: The Danger of Wishing

Recipe Roundup: All About Indulgence

This roundup is all about indulgence. This roundup has not been doing any January diets. In fact, this roundup is indulging is great chocolate and great recipes. Read More Recipe Roundup: All About Indulgence