Camp NaNo

Every November, I run a series of NaNoWriMo posts for Persephone, offering encouragement and accountability for fellow writers as we progress through the grind of National Novel Writing Month. The single unifying theme of these posts over the last four years has been one of ‘just write it;’ the single most important act of writing is getting your ideas down on paper. The language, the skill, the storytelling — all these are things that develop out of the practice of writing. You get better, but only if you start.

Then, for the next 11 months, I spend a lot of time not writing. Read More Camp NaNo

Jessica Lange Gif Machine

Earlier this week, Jessica Lange confirmed that she will not be returning for season five of American Horror Story. It had long been rumored that AHS: Freak Show would be her last appearance on the Ryan Murphy show but there was hope that Lange would change her mind — after all, she claimed she wouldn’t be back for season four, but there she was, singing David Bowie covers as Elsa Mars. Though AHS is the rare show that boasts numerous dynamic female leads, including powerhouses like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, and Francis Conroy, it was Lange who reigned Supreme over the franchise.  Read More Jessica Lange Gif Machine

Gif it to Me, Baby: When You Have to Roll Your Eyes

There are times in life — specifically internet-life — where it’s not worth the effort to get mad at whatever inane thing some jackass has spouted off about.  It’s not worth your anger, and it’s certainly not worth your energy composing a post to tell them off, and it might not even be worth giving them the finger. For those times, all you can do is just roll your eyes. Read More Gif it to Me, Baby: When You Have to Roll Your Eyes

A Brief History of Women’s History Month

I’ve been self-identifying as a feminist as long as I can remember, but it was only few years ago that I realized I didn’t know the history of March’s Women’s History Month. As part of rectifying this oversight, I wrote “A Brief History of Women’s History Month” for Persephone back in 2011 and we’ve rerun the feature annually since.

Read More A Brief History of Women’s History Month

Reading Beyond the Canon

Over at xoJane this week, author K.T. Bradford posted about her efforts to read only works written by women or people of color or LGBTQ authors and challenged her readers to take up a similar goal for year. As this is the internet, it was not terribly surprising that the comment section of the post was filled with scathing rebuttals to Bradford’s suggestion ranging from the relatively mild, “eh, I don’t get the point” to the kneejerk claims of reverse racism.  Read More Reading Beyond the Canon

Vintage Valentines for My Galentines

Of all the gifts given to us by Leslie Knope, the holiday known as Galentine’s Day might be the greatest. On February 13th, Leslie encourages us to celebrate the important female relationships in our lives. And you, my dear Persephoneers, whatever gender you may identify with (or not), are among my most important relationships. Read More Vintage Valentines for My Galentines

Netflix 5: Lifetime Movies for Your Lazy Saturday

My love of the LMN genre is well documented on this site. There’s nothing like turning your brain down to 1 and watching a parade of marginally pretty people do really dumb things, or formerly famous actors tackle lurid true crime tales while you lump around on the couch. It’s easy. It’s comforting. It goes well with a glass of white wine and some Twizzlers. Read More Netflix 5: Lifetime Movies for Your Lazy Saturday

P-Mag Round-table: On Being Sponsored by Your Husband

Earlier this week, Salon published an essay by writer Ann Bauer about, as she says, “the masquerade” that some writers put on — that is, the fact that writing doesn’t pay a lot of money and it’s easier to do if you happen to have access to a lot of it. Most writers — and friends and families of writers — know how hard it is to sustain yourself solely on a writing career. Those that manage to do so are a small and lucky bunch. The rest of us keep working day jobs or picking up as many freelance assignments as we can, or putting together piecemeal extra careers teaching a couple of classes here and a writing retreat there. And then there are the others whose careers are supported by the “sponsorship” of others  — their spouses or significant others who happen to earn enough money to allow for the uncertainties of the life (and paycheck) of a writing career, or who may have some family money to fall back on. Read More P-Mag Round-table: On Being Sponsored by Your Husband