When Disappointment Comes for the Holidays

I walked out to my garage, eagerly trailed by my ever curious dogs. What’s happening? Are we going to miss something important?

As I opened my car to put my belongings inside, the dogs looked at me expectantly. Apparently, to a dog, an open car door can mean only one thing. The dogs looked at me. They looked at the open door. They looked at me… You get the picture. Read More When Disappointment Comes for the Holidays

Oh, So Very Thankful

“What do you say?” It’s a question every child hears frequently while learning to navigate the social niceties. Parents always hope their children will quickly learn to respond with a “please” or a “thank you.” Read More Oh, So Very Thankful

Tell Me Again… WHY Does Everything Happen?

I’ve reached the limit to my tolerance. I’ve heard the platitude one too many times. “Everything happens for a reason,” a friend smiled sweetly, just a few days go, yet her words seemed to freeze the air between us. Read More Tell Me Again… WHY Does Everything Happen?

Eternally Second String

This article is written for all those who are never first choice. Or rarely first choice. We get the jobs because someone else backed out. We get the house because someone else couldn’t afford it. We are the experts in unrequited love and rebound romances. We grow up in hand-me-down clothes and were the last ones chosen in gym class. We are garage sale shoppers extraordinaire and can teach the world how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, because we, ourselves, are are so often second hand roses.

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P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 1971 with Tamalyn

It’s 1971 and Everything’s Groovy! We wear our hair natural ““ whether long and stringy or in afros. However God made it is how we “style” it. Our pants are beginning to slide lower on our hips, the “bells” at the ankles getting larger and larger. Our parents detest our hotpants and our mini skirts. We’ve discovered a great freedom with our skirts, a freedom that no generation before has ever had. Skirts can now be worn in any length: from mini to midi or maxi ““ depending upon whether we want them well above our knees, well below, or swishing somewhere near the floor. We still wear love beads, a carryover from the “Summer of Love,” that we 13-year-olds remember little about, but we’re pretty sure it was romantic and wonderful. The smell of Mary Jane is in the air in parks and at concerts. We take in deep breaths and giggle. We call our flip-flops “thongs” and our tights “leotards,” not to be confused with the leotards which are worn by dancers. We wear fringe and jeans and platform shoes and all things casual. When it comes to fashion, it is the best of times and the worst of times, but oh, how we love it.

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Is Fair Trade a Fair Deal?

I am a hippy, dippy, long skirt and Birkenstock wearing, soap making, farmer’s market shopping, non-profit working, dyed in the wool, bleeding heart liberal.

I also love to shop. And I love to eat. And I enjoy my cushy life. But, do I enjoy my cushy life to the detriment of others?

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Why Advent?

Ah, Halloween, that holy day of candy and costumes, gluttony and tricks. Most of us have lost sight of the meaning behind the holiday, forgetting to honor the dead; instead using the day for fun and frivolity (yes, we do so at our house) and as a kick-off for the “holiday season.” Halloween has become Day One in the frenzy of the shopping, decorating, baking chaos that will not end until sometime after New Year’s Day. And, somewhere in the midst of that, we must squeeze one of the holiest days of the Christian faith.

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