The Insanity Defense

Two weeks ago I brought Mary Sues, and before that I discussed antagonists. So with that said, I want to talk about something that is very personal and near and dear to my heart: I want to talk about the problems with having “crazy” villains. Now, I might have made a caveat back in “Motivate Me,” in which I said you should avoid making “crazy” villains, now I am going to explain it deeper on why “crazy” shouldn’t be used as a flaw or a negative and explaining some of my childhood with mental illness and having a developmental disability.  Read More The Insanity Defense

What is Mary Sue to Do?

This topic is way overdue for discussion, and I thought today is a good day to bring it up. So, let’s talk about a topic that most geeky ladies (and gents) know about. Let’s talk about Mary Sues. More importantly, the criteria for a Sue and how really subjective these labels are in regards to female characters (and sometimes male characters). Read More What is Mary Sue to Do?

World Building with Legos

Urban fantasy happens to be one of my favorite genres because of the possibilities you can do with it. I’ve always loved the idea of centaurs having street gangs patrolling New York City, a mermaid bar tending in New Orleans or mages stuck doing tech support. Read More World Building with Legos