Revolutionary Notes

Many around the globe are wondering what is going on in the Middle East. There is a plethora of information, coming in from all sides, and there’s little way to make heads or tails of it. Who is Mubarak? Is Yemen involved? What’s the Jasmine Revolution? Well, fear not gentle reader, as I will guide you through this maze and answer the top 5 questions I’ve received on this topic during the week. Shall we? Read More Revolutionary Notes

Protests in Egypt

As protests heat up in Egypt, the situation there remains extremely tense and unpredictable. Of course demonstrations are nothing new for the country. However, there is something very unique about this particular situation. Read More Protests in Egypt

An Unexpected Education

“So you’re actually going over there? Like, inside the house?” his friend asked, staring at me incredulously. I smiled and nodded as casually as I could. “Well good luck” he whistled. “Remember to keep an eye on her.” Read More An Unexpected Education

The Pursuit

The Middle East and the West have a lot of bridges to build when it comes to truly understanding each other. Yet one area which has seen substantial growth lies in the most abstract of principals. It’s something most Americans rarely contemplate but is seen as a revolutionary concept to much of the world: The pursuit of happiness. For most people living outside the States or Western Europe, pleasure is not expected and happiness is not something one is owed. Read More The Pursuit

Hot On Arrival

The goal seemed fairly straightforward: Arrive in Paris after a 14 hour flight feeling refreshed, looking put-together and generally relaxed. While seated in Economy. While battling a fear of flying. But hey, I love a good challenge so let’s begin. Read More Hot On Arrival