How to Apply Eye Make-up

The eye makeup I wear most days is comprised of a bunch of shimmery neutral colors, and while there are a lot of steps involved, it’s actually a pretty quick routine. I’ve taken some pictures so I can take you through it step by step. (I had no idea taking pictures of your own eye would be so tricky!) Read More How to Apply Eye Make-up

Ask a Makeup Artist

What’s the best way to cover up old acne scarring and discoloration on your cheeks?

I would recommend either a primer or a concealer that is made specifically for the type of discoloration you have. For example, I have a lot of redness in my skin, so I use a primer that is tinted green because it is designed to tone down redness. It looks green in the bottle, but not on my face. If you have uneven pigment, a concealer might work better than a primer. Read More Ask a Makeup Artist

The Most Intriguing Women in Horror Movies

In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve compiled a list of the female characters in horror movies that I find most intriguing. I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of great characters out, so please leave your favorites in the comments! Read More The Most Intriguing Women in Horror Movies

How To Be A Good Theme Park Guest

At the end of my first day of an Orlando theme park vacation, my friend and I (both childless and in our twenties)  met an adorable family on line for a ride in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. This wouldn’t normally be something that would have such an impact on me, but we had spent the entire day (and would spend the next three days of theme park visits) surrounded by not-so-adorable families. Read More How To Be A Good Theme Park Guest

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Vs. Fright Night

There are two horror movies playing in most theaters right now. If you like horror movies and can only see one of them, this is your guide to figuring out which one is right for you. This will include mild spoilers about the general plot points of the movies, but I’m not going to spill any major details or talk about endings or tell you that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Read More Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Vs. Fright Night

Book Review: The Kid by Sapphire

Some books create a wonderful place or adventure to escape to, something that is a refreshing change from real life. The Kid is just the opposite. It is a novel that is very much rooted in a part of reality that most people would rather not think about. There are few stories as harrowing and uncomfortable as The Kid. The story picks up several years after the end of Push, Sapphire’s novel that would later become the basis of the movie PreciousRead More Book Review: The Kid by Sapphire

I Am Not My Boobs

I have breast implants.  Not reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, not part of sex reassignment surgery,  just straight up bags of saline shoved in my tits because I simply wanted bigger boobs.  I spent several thousand dollars on a completely cosmetic operation to modify my perfectly healthy body. That’s right, I paid someone to cut into my body and put something foreign underneath the muscle wall of my chest. Read More I Am Not My Boobs