Everybody Says “I’m Innocent”: Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors

[This includes content regarding sexual assault of a child and links to articles that include details of aforementioned sexual abuse.] Read More Everybody Says “I’m Innocent”: Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors

Hearty Winter Soup

Here’s my recipe for Hearty Winter soup (named after this episode of Frasier). I use no-salt added or low sodium canned products to control the sodium content. I like making this soup because there’s not much preparation involved and I can smell it cooking while I watch TV or read a book. It’s good for low energy/sick/depression days, if it’s a day when I just want to rest I’ll make it in the morning and have it for lunch and dinner. Sometimes the vegetables vary, I’ve tried it with bok choy or sweet potato, sometimes I add a can of garbanzo beans. It usually lasts me for three days, depending on how many bowls I have. Read More Hearty Winter Soup

5 Songs That Irritate the Activism In Me

When you spend a lot of time discussing and reading about social issues, entertainment is no longer viewed through the same lens. Sometimes overhearing the most seemingly benign pop song will irritate me, and I’m off on a rant… Read More 5 Songs That Irritate the Activism In Me

New Show Recap: Scandal, 3×03, “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

I’m filling in for Moretta this week!

This week’s episode opens with Jake going back to his apartment (at Olivia’s suggestion). He asks if Fitz knows who her father is. It’s obvious that Fitz does not. He asks how Fitz could protect her, and she says that her father wouldn’t hurt her. He reminds her how dear old dad threw him in a hole and then watched him get repeatedly tortured. “Olivia, your father would slit your throat and drink your blood if it served the Republic!” Olivia is scared and doesn’t want to be involved. She will “be a good girl,” not get into trouble, and go to Sunday dinner. Read More New Show Recap: Scandal, 3×03, “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

Deconstructing Hugo: Revisited

Nearly a year ago, I researched and interviewed Hugo Schwyzer. After the interview was published, I kept up the occasional email communication with Schwyzer and continued to peruse some of his work. Read More Deconstructing Hugo: Revisited

An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley,

You’ve received your fair share of criticism in recent years. I confess, I liked your show, and I’ve danced to “See You Again” in my living room. I thought you were okay. Like the rest of America, I’ve seen your progression to movies and a solo career. When you started with the twerk and ratchet obsession this year, I was not amused. I rolled my eyes. Then there was Sunday night. I don’t even have a cable subscription, but I couldn’t avoid seeing clips of your performance virtually everywhere online. And I must say, it is not okay. Your performance with the often problematic Robin Thicke amounted to a minstrel show of epic proportions. Read More An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

Shuffle: The Soundtrack of Grief

“Think of Me”

I remember coming home from school when I was seven. My mother would be at work by then. She would leave the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack playing on repeat and it would always be playing when I came home and walked into the living room. It felt as if she was still there. After a while it occurred to me that she was leaving it on so that her presence was felt when she couldn’t be there. As I got older, I’d put it on myself; I’d listen to it all the time. When I hear it I can nearly smell her rose perfume, I can see the reddish brown waves, the green eyes, and the twinkle in her smile. Her voice so clear and beautiful that she sounded like a professional singer. Read More Shuffle: The Soundtrack of Grief