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I have always been a proud supporter of public education. I started my teaching career in 1997 and I passionately believed that if we all continued to work together, we could make the world better for our children and teach them tolerance and acceptance. I believed that the best and most innovative learning environment was the result of a great … Read More

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Inspiring Revolution

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Recently, a colleague in the teaching profession updated her Facebook status to say that her check was less this month due to increased taxes. Morale in the teaching profession is already low. Having a check be even smaller is just popping the blister on a burn. I’ve spent the last five years bringing home, at the MOST, $2022 each month, … Read More

Eileen EadyInspiring Revolution

My Version of a One-Room Schoolhouse

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I never thought about working in a one-room schoolhouse or a multi-age classroom. I have taught a combination classroom, two grades, but never more than that. So many things must happen at each developmental level, I never could see how it worked.

TrulybstMy Version of a One-Room Schoolhouse