An Answer or a Question?

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A routine task at work leads to the possible solving of a personal mystery. [TW for heart surgery and parental death]

NatashaAn Answer or a Question?

CPAP Hurray!

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The results were in: mild sleep apnea but severe hypopnea. I’d be getting a CPAP machine, and maybe getting some sleep.

NatashaCPAP Hurray!

Before I Sleep

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I’ve had trouble sleeping for years but only recently decided to seek treatment beyond an Ambien prescription. My sleep specialist’s request finally wended its way through the insurance process, and I got to have my sleep study.

NatashaBefore I Sleep


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Most nights, I am visited by nightmares. They range from “being chased by a crazed murderer” to “being swallowed by a tsunami” to “I’m late for a test in a class I didn’t know I have” to “It’s been a mistake, my mom/dad/cat didn’t actually die.” I wake up feeling sad, depressed, scared, and unrested. And so I wondered: What … Read More


Red and Mossy: A Brief History of Menstruation

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As a historian, as a former SCAdian (medieval re-enactor), as someone who likes neomedieval fiction, the question I’ve seen pop up the most is: What did people in the past do about issues like menstruation? Most SCAdians use modern products under their historical clothing, and fictional series can ignore it. But obviously real people didn’t have that luxury. This isn’t … Read More

NatashaRed and Mossy: A Brief History of Menstruation

Adventures in Rosacea

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(Full disclosure: I have not had an official medical diagnosis and everything below is based on personal experience, individual research, and ol’ fashioned guess-work.) For most my life I had ‘normal’ skin. Sure, there was the occasional break-out due to stress or a product my face didn’t agree with. Over the past couple years, however, my face started getting angry, … Read More

OneBigPearAdventures in Rosacea

Stocking the Medicine Cabinet

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Oh God, y’all, I think I’m gonna die. At the time I’m writing this, I’m on Day 4 of the world’s nastiest cold. I’ve gone through a whole box of tissues and a bag of cough drops, and I’m starting to lose my voice. I am uncomfortable and want nothing more than to crawl under my covers and marathon Buffy, Season 7 … Read More

amandamariegStocking the Medicine Cabinet

Your Emergency Contraception Might Not Work. Here’s the Real Reason.

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The European manufacturer of NorLevo, an emergency contraceptive pill that’s identical to many of the most popular morning-after pills sold in the US, announced that they’ll be changing their packaging to warn consumers that it may not work for some overweight and obese women. The FDA has announced that they’ll review the data and decide whether or not to require a … Read More

[E] HillaryYour Emergency Contraception Might Not Work. Here’s the Real Reason.