As Guerreiras: The Badass Lady MCs of Brazil

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I don’t speak Portuguese and I can’t pretend to be the biggest hip-hop expert in the entire world, but even I can tell that the female MCs coming out of Brazil right now are up to something special and that we should all be paying attention. These ladies are having a moment that reminds me of the late ’80s through mid ’90s musical … Read More

AshleyAs Guerreiras: The Badass Lady MCs of Brazil

Forgotify, the Last Frontier: Week 2

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For week two of the Forgotify experiment, the random music gods gifted unto me Joseph Hadyn’s The Seasons. Yes, it’s classical music, but hey! Where are you going? Classical music isn’t scary. Come back! 

Angelina PanozzoForgotify, the Last Frontier: Week 2

Forgotify: The Last Frontier, Week 1

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Forgotify is a service that randomly selects a song from Spotify that has never been played. I don’t know about you, but I am positively vibrating with excitement. 

Angelina PanozzoForgotify: The Last Frontier, Week 1

The Most Relevant Pop Star

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If I told you there exists a pop star who recorded their first album in 1978, just released a recorded that is as relevant as their first record, and still gets play on the radio, would you believe me? 

AlysonThe Most Relevant Pop Star

A Summer Storm Bollywood Playlist

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Are the three-day long flash flood warnings getting you down? Is hurricane season already upon you? How much do you hate climate change deniers right now?

KarishmaA Summer Storm Bollywood Playlist

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane this Week: America Edition

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Last week, Americans celebrated our independence from the crown by getting drunk and shooting explosives everywhere. That’s freedom! I can critically think about why America is a terrible place sometimes. My patriotism is working to make my country a better place, not accepting the idea of us being superior at face value. I realize some of my favorite songs critique our … Read More

AlysonTen Songs Keeping Me Sane this Week: America Edition