Record Machine: “Euphoria, Take My Hand”/ “Georgia, Walk With Me” by Glasvegas

Without a doubt, Glasvegas is one of my favorite bands. I’ve written about them numerous times here at P-Mag, and one of these days, I’ll catch one of their gigs. There is something wholly transcendent about their music that makes me simultaneously want to do nothing but let it wash over me, yet also start writing immediately. If art’s purpose is to make one feel, then Glasvegas go above and beyond. Continue reading

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Fall TV Edition

The leaves are getting crisp. Giant men are hitting each other for fun. Jam is being made. It is fall, which to me means new TV shows and old TV shows. Well, it means TV in general. One of the best parts of TV shows are their theme songs. I love the intersection of music and visual entertainment. So in honor of fall TV, I bring to you my favorite TV themes of all time.  Continue reading

Record Machine: Sleigh Bells’ Reign of Terror

When I won a giveaway from Mom+Pop Records, I’d never heard of Sleigh Bells. Mainly, I’d entered because I wanted to win the “Varsity” 7-inch by Smith Westerns, whom I’d recently stumbled upon. Other goodies from Metric and Neon Indian were also included in the package, and I will get to talking about those records in due time. So how did I like Sleigh Bells’ 2012 album, Reign of Terror?

Continue reading

Pop Culture Commentary: Nelly’s “Tip Drill” Video

I am happy to say that I have finally gotten enough free time to be able to go through my iTunes and cut out all the old music I don’t listen to anymore. When I got to the Ns and started deleting Nelly songs, I was intrigued to remember that I had his old song “Tip Drill” from way back when I was a teenager. I remember being shown the video by an old friend, one that was both shocking and profanely exciting in nature to me in discovering my new-found feminine sexuality. Continue reading

A Concert and Music Festival Survival Guide

I love concerts and live music. I have connected much of my personal spirituality to music since the days of sitting in my Memaw’s kitchen and listening to her sing hymns as she cooked. So in a sense, concerts and music festivals are my church, and I’ve had more what you might call transcendent experiences at concerts than I’ve had at a traditional house of worship. This weekend was no exception as I went with my best friend to the “Gentleman of the Road” festival in St. Augustine, FL, which is organized by the band Mumford and Sons and features a rotating list of musical acts that play in different cities. Now, I know that for many, Mumford and Sons is the living embodiment of this gif… Continue reading