Love It/Hate It: Facebook

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It’s a Love It/Hate It extravaganza this week, as we bring you not one, not two, but three gripping tales of things some of us like that some of us don’t like. Today’s topic: Facebook. Today’s players: Hillary and me, Selena.

[E] Selena MacIntosh*Love It/Hate It: Facebook

Friday Night Discussion: The Satire Defense

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High school senior Suzy Lee Weiss made waves when her op-ed about the college admissions process was published in the Wall Street Journal last Friday. Ms. Weiss had a GPA of 4.5, scored 2120 on the SAT, and had served as a Senate page, but when she got rejection letters from several top schools in one day, she decided to … Read More

[E] HillaryFriday Night Discussion: The Satire Defense

From Diapers to Thongs: Discuss

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On March 18, 2013, I found an article in my inbox sent by a colleague with the note, “YOU HAVE to blog about this!!” The piece, “Victoria’s Secret is coming for your Middle Schooler,” was written by Amy Gerwing and posted on the website, The Black Sphere.

Dr. Deah SchwartzFrom Diapers to Thongs: Discuss

Admit It: You Totally Get Off On Doing Good

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Doing something kind or charitable makes us happy the way food and sexual pleasure make us happy, according to several studies. “Oh, really? What studies?” you may ask. Well, this one, this one, and the ones cited here, for instance. SEVERAL STUDIES.

Bryn DonovanAdmit It: You Totally Get Off On Doing Good

The Problem is Us

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“I expect something like this from Fox News, but CNN?” – Facebook commenter on my feed. [Trigger warning for discussion of rape.]

SusanThe Problem is Us

It’s Time For the Grammar Police To Retire

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My pet peeve is “sneak peek” spelled like “sneak peak.” What the hell would “sneak peak” even mean? Hey, who’s that creeping up behind me? OMG, it’s Mount St. Helens!

Bryn DonovanIt’s Time For the Grammar Police To Retire