In Which I Object To Objectifying Men’s Bodies

For the past week or two, my tumblr dash has featured a steady parade of .gifs of Olympic male swimmers and gymnasts, plus male athletes photographed mostly nude for various publications. That’s a change from a normal week, when the women I follow post revealing .gifs of actors. Once, an individual shared a shirtless, headless photo of the guy she was going to hook up with later. Continue reading

Aurora, Colorado and How We React to Tragedies in the News

By now you’ve probably all heard about the Aurora, Colorado, shooting at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. As I’m writing this, 12 people have died and another 58 are wounded, and I fervently hope that number hasn’t changed overnight. There are many ways to react in the face of such tragedy, but time after time you can count on certain tropes that range from merely missing the point to outright hateful. Continue reading

You Can Do Better: In Defense of One “Ladyblog”

On Monday, n+1 contributor Molly Fischer wrote an article, “On Ladyblogs,” in which she tried to further articulate her feelings about sites like Jezebel and The Hairpin. In the process, she displays a remarkable aptitude for sweeping generalizations, half-assed research, and reneging on a commitment because the self-imposed assignment no longer felt “relevant.”

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Takedown: It is Called Weather!

I’m not sure how the conservatives got to be the party of “don’t spend your children’s money! No more social programs!” but at the same time “use up your children’s resources! Ignore any consequences of being wasteful!” Except there is a common thread – That Which Is In The Best Interest of Businesses. Right? Continue reading

Takedown: Interpreting women

Get ready for another two for one, because ridiculous crapdates keep sliding across my news feed in themes. This week’s theme: boys do boy things and girls do girl things, and oh yeah, the things that girls do are manipulative and frivolous. Hooray, gender-based stereotypes that reinforce the patriarchy! Continue reading

Vaginagate: A Strange, But True Tribute to A Handmaid’s Tale

Last week, my home state’s House of Representatives garnered national attention and became a laughingstock. What happened? During a debate on an abortion bill, which would prohibit the transportation of aborted fetuses as medical waste and make coercing a woman into having an abortion a crime, many Democratic representatives protested that these proposed regulations in no way made provisions to improve the care of women seeking abortions.
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