Takedown: Wife Her

Ugggggh. There are few things that make me grimace like woman-on-woman hate, or something that is clearly designed to pit women against each other. I always wonder about the person who created the picture in the first place – I have a sneaking suspicion they are created by women looking for a boost to their own self-worth based on making other women feel unworthy*. Let’s do this. Continue reading

The Myth of the Tuition Bubble

It’s all over the place. ABC: “Is College Tuition The Next Bubble?”, The Consumerist: “When Will The College Tuition Bubble Burst?”, Policy Archive: “A Tuition Bubble? Lessons From the Housing Bubble”, The New Republic: “A Radical Solution For America’s Worsening College Tuition Bubble”. You can’t avoid it, and it’s become conventional wisdom. Tuition is rising at unbelievable rates, way faster than inflation, and that is the very definition of a bubble. To do: panic, and stop getting educated. And then panic some more. Continue reading

Takedown: Nobody Owes You Anything

There are certain words that, in and of themselves, are polarizing. Jargon that is used by either side of a debate, and once somebody utters one of these words, it’s almost always a good idea to back away slowly, as the conversation is not likely to go anywhere. One example is “Obamacare.” President Obama has attempted to embrace it in a positive way, but I’ve yet to hear it coming from a mouth that is not sneering, and the instant that it is said, I know that the person has dug in their heels and meaningful conversation won’t be possible. On the other side of things, much as I hate to admit it (since I use this phrase), “the War on Women” is a clear signal that the speaker is pretty far left of center and if you want to argue with them about abortion, you probably won’t be changing their mind. Continue reading

Anti-Gay Prejudice: Where Does It Come From?

Once in a while, I succeed in talking someone out of their opposition to gay rights, and in doing this, I try to figure out why the person harbors prejudice in the first place. Because bigotry hurts so many people so deeply, it’s tempting to say, “Because they’re jerks, that’s why.” That’s not specific or accurate, though, and if you’re trying to change someone’s mind, “you’re a jerk” isn’t the most persuasive opening statement. Here are some reasons why I think anti-gay prejudice has been so persistent. Continue reading

Mommy Warring: What About the Child?

I hate the “mommy wars.” The very idea of mothers taking up arms against each other based on how they choose to raise their children is, to be honest, absurd. Sure, there are plenty of women out there with strong beliefs one way or the other, and the Internet facilitates strong reactions and loud voices, but the truth of the matter is that we are all doing the best we can given what we’ve got. The “mommy wars” are amplified and sold by websites and magazines: oh look it’s another example of women being catty, click here and feed the advertisers. Continue reading

Takedown: Getting What They Deserve

There are things that show up in Facebook feed that warrant a thoughtful deconstruction, there are things that I find irritating but I could understand why somebody, somewhere, might think it’s funny, and then there are graphics that force me to shut down my computer and walk away because the anger is instantaneous and white-hot. Brace yourselves, this is one of the latter. Continue reading

What Would Jesus Ban

I am pissed.

I am pissed because I have heard for my entire life that Christianity is all about love and forgiveness, that Jesus was full of compassion, that when we ask ourselves What Jesus Would Do, we are trying to find the best parts of ourselves and put them forward. Continue reading

Snark to Spare: Still Occupying Facebook

At least once a week I have to stop myself from writing on a Facebook friend’s wall, “Dear Facebook friend, I wish you weren’t being ignorant, but since you are, I wish you wouldn’t share your ignorance with the whole of your Facebook community.” I stop myself from writing comments like this because I doubt they would be productive. And this type of non-confrontation confrontation causes me anxiety that I, selfishly, prefer to avoid. The inevitable comment backlash often lasts for days, and, in my experience, those sharing dipshitted views never see the dipshittedness of their ways. So, what’s the point? Continue reading