A Tribute to Yuri Kochiyama

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On Sunday morning, Japanese-American activist, social justice warrior, and champion of civil rights Yuri Kochiyama (93) died in her home in Berkeley, California, in her sleep while surrounded by family.

LuannA Tribute to Yuri Kochiyama

Persephone Pioneers: Janet Stephens, Hair Archaeologist

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Janet Stephens is a real-life Indiana Jones: by day, she’s a hairdresser, but by night, she’s a hair archaeologist. Her interest isn’t just casual: she’s been published  in academic journals, she presents regularly at conferences, and she is the first person to take studying and recreating ancient hairstyles seriously. Welcome, Janet Stephens!

[E] Sally LawtonPersephone Pioneers: Janet Stephens, Hair Archaeologist

Persephone Pioneers: Poet and Educator Sarah Kay

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I happened to open up my TED app one morning and saw a talk called “If I should have a daughter.” I clicked on it, thinking it might be interesting and twenty minutes, two spoken word performances, and one life story later, I was a sobbing mess who had a new idol: Sarah Kay.

Crystal ColemanPersephone Pioneers: Poet and Educator Sarah Kay

Interview with a Nonprofit Partner: Youth N Action

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Nonprofit organizations work in conjunction with many other programs. We rely on community partnerships because “we build on the synergy.” By working together we ensure the needs of our community are met to the fullest potential possible. One amazing partner, Youth N Action, represents that ideal. I have the opportunity to work alongside a program organized, led, structured, and directed … Read More

TrulybstInterview with a Nonprofit Partner: Youth N Action

Persephone Pioneers: Selene Luna

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Consider Selene Luna one of the more badass ladies you are bound to meet in this lifetime. The siren of both the stage and screen has cut her teeth as an actress, writer, comedian, fashion model, and activist, making waves all the way out in Los Angeles.

[E]Coco PapyPersephone Pioneers: Selene Luna

Five Practical Things You Can Do to Give the Ladies Some Love

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Let me firstly say, that I’m a casual feminist. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel strongly about certain issues, or that I’m uncommitted to improving the status of women, it just means that it’s one of many interests. I’m a feminist hobbyist, rather than a full-time, professional player.

Monica TanFive Practical Things You Can Do to Give the Ladies Some Love