Picture This: Signing Off

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The time has come for me to say adieu and bid you all a happy life with your cameras, but before I go, I wish to impart a few pieces of wisdom.

ThelmaPicture This: Signing Off

Picture This: DIY Lightbox

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This week is a little different. Instead of explaining a technique or demonstrating a composition concept, we’re going make a lightbox.

ThelmaPicture This: DIY Lightbox

Picture This: Time of Day

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One thing you definitely need to know as a photographer is that there are two very special times of the day when magic happens: the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour.

ThelmaPicture This: Time of Day

Picture This: Getting a Good Action Shot

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Piggy-backing on our recent lessons on using the manual functions of our cameras and specifically the shutter speed, this week we’re going to talk about action shots. Last week we discussed taking long exposures with a long shutter speed, this week we’re going to talk about short exposures with a short (fast) shutter speed.

ThelmaPicture This: Getting a Good Action Shot