Picture This: No Training Wheels, We’re Going Manual!

Okay, Persephoneers! We’ve learned about composition, we’ve learned about types of cameras, we’ve tried editing photos, we’ve worked on being creative, and we’ve even had a little fun along the way (don’t tell anyone!), but now it’s time to bust off those training wheels and try going manual. “WHAT? HUH? I CAN’T DO THAT!” Why yes you can! And I’ve got a few tools to help you do it! Continue reading

Picture This: Silhouettes

Last week’s camera phone challenge was fun for me and I hope you had a good time being creative too! So how about other kinds of photo compositions? What are some other ways to make your photos standout? One of my favorites is silhouettes which happen to also be pretty easy to create! Are you ready for the challenge? Continue reading

Picture This: Camera Phones

Not every photo has to be perfectly lit, edited, and framed. Many great photos are simply funny, odd, and flawed. Photography is all about documenting life: the good, the bad, the strange. But many times we don’t have cameras with us when we come across something amazing. What should we do? Enter stage right: the camera phone. Continue reading

Picture This: Taking Good Portraits

One of the most annoying things I encounter as a photographer is when people (mostly friends and family) refuse to let me take their photos. They cover their faces, throw up their hands, and scream, “No!” Most often this is because one of two reasons: a. they “always look horrible in photos,” or b. someone once posted a bad photo of them all over Facebook and you might do the same. Well, that doesn’t always have to be the case and with these five tips, you might be able to convince a reluctant someone to let you take their photo. Continue reading