Postitivity Challenge Week 22: High Stress Rising

First, I have to start with some apologies for the extended, somewhat unplanned hiatus of the Positivity Challenge. What started as a couple of weeks for vacation turned into much more (which I’ll explain in a moment). After this week’s Challenge, we’ll have a few more weeks of hiatus, but I promise I’ll be back in the fall with more challenges and wallpapers for you. Continue reading

Positivity Challenge Week 21: Try Yoga

People who practice yoga have become one of those groups of people, along with marathon runners, Diva Cup users, and vegans, who can be so evangelical about their passion that they shoehorn it into every conversation. As a result, many people who don’t practice yoga are sick of hearing about it. I get it, I really do… when someone tells me that such and such is the best thing that ever happened to them, over and over again, and talks about it non-stop, it only serves to push me away from it, too. I’m contrary like that. So I understand if, the instant you saw this week’s topic, you were like, “No way, no how, I can’t believe it’s yet another person telling me to do yoga. I hate it.” Continue reading

Positivity Challenge Week 19: Checking In

It’s been a while since I did my last check-in post, and what better time than the unofficial change of season? “April showers bring May flowers.” the old rhyme says, but what does May bring? For many people, it brings a time of change and transition. From graduations, new jobs, pending summer plans, family events…even if you work a normal 9-to-5, the pace seems to slow down during the summer. The longer days might be helping you kick your SADs, but it’s hard to focus on work when it’s so darn gorgeous outside. Now is the perfect time to check in with how you’re doing in the Positivity Challenge 2012, and re-energize yourself for this especially positive time of year. Continue reading

Positivity Challenge Week 16: Finding Your Positivity Mentors

Can you believe we’re a third of the way through the year already? I hope everyone who’s been following this challenge has seen some changes in the way they think about and react to things so far. As I say at the end of every post, I don’t expect that every post will be super-relevant to every reader, but I hope you’ve been able to take what’s been useful to you and benefit from it. Finding the kind of positivity that works for you isn’t a path that one writer can lead you down, though, so this week, we’ll tackle how to find your Positivity Mentors. Continue reading

Positivity Challenge Week 12: Get Out and Move!

Continuing in our effort to internalize positivity, this week I’m going to tackle a somewhat contentious topic: Exercise. In fact, I’m going to try and use the word exercise as little as possible. How about we call it “Movement”? Getting up and moving can be one of the hardest things to actually start doing, but the rewards can boost your positivity and mood in general more than anything other than pharmaceuticals practically. Continue reading

The Great Orgasm Challenge: Surprising Tidbits

Welcome back to our journey toward 52 (or Insert Your Goal Number Here) Orgasms for the year 2012! We’re approaching 1/4 of the year complete, which should put most of us right around a dozen orgasms so far. I think I am just about on track for that (give or take), and would love to hear in the comments how you’re doing, too. But first, a video with interesting facts about orgasm.

Continue reading