Science News: 12/3/13

I have so much cool stuff to tell y’all about this week! I’m totally geeking out about some cool volcanoes, new species, dinosaur poop, and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new segment on The Daily Show. Come geek out with me! There’s an iceberg gif! Read More Science News: 12/3/13

Science News: 11/13/13

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Lots of good news this week, from asteroids that aren’t going to kill us all to several awesome new species (and babies of everyone’s favorite new species of the year). Also, updates on the supposed global wine shortage and early puberty epidemic. On the terrible end of the spectrum, though, there’s Haiyan. Read More Science News: 11/13/13

Science News: 10/31/13

It’s mostly fun stuff in this edition of science news! We’ve got good news regarding a possible asteroid hitting Earth, takedowns of some really dumb science, and cool videos of Mars, the Moon, and a rebuttal to climate change deniers. Plus, a special Halloween treat if you read all the way to the end! Read More Science News: 10/31/13

What I Watched Last Night: The International Space Station

No, I didn’t go see Gravity. I watched the actual International Space Station fly by my house; it’s become part of my daughter’s bedtime routine over the last couple of weeks. And it’s awesome! I tried to spot it a few times over the summer, but the long daylight hours limited my opportunities to see it (and there was no way I was keeping her up that late). Now that it’s getting dark earlier, it’s in a position for us to watch it almost every evening before the kiddo goes to bed. She’s a little bit obsessed with saying goodnight to the astronauts, and I love it. “Mommy, it’s a freakin’ space station!” Yes it is, kiddo. Read More What I Watched Last Night: The International Space Station

Science News: 10/16/13

Welcome back to science news! This week, we’ve got a rundown of all the awful things the government shutdown has done to scientific research and more men who won Nobel Prizes (sorry, ladies!), but also a lot of cool findings from ancient history (the cave painters were ladies!) and some awesome videos about supervolcanoes on Mars and a SpaceX Grasshopper launch. Read More Science News: 10/16/13

Tell Someone “No,” Get Called a “Whore”

Last week, the scientist behind the great blog The Urban Scientist , DNLee, was approached by Biology Online for a once a month, unpaid writing gig. When she turned it down, the response from one of the site’s editors was — let’s just call it “unbelievable.” But to add injury to an insult, when she wrote about the experience on her blog, which is hosted by Scientific American, SA pulled the story. Isis the Scientist has been covering the story since it happened and looked into the situation with SA. She has interesting things to say about the mysterious disappearing blog post. But more importantly, as a friend of DNLee, she also has the text of the missing post. DNLee has given her permission to have her words reproduced and reblogged via Isis the Scientist. What follows is her account of the Biology Online interaction: Read More Tell Someone “No,” Get Called a “Whore”

Science News: 9/24/13

So… did Voyager 1 really leave our solar system this time? What’s new with rhesus monkeys? Why on earth are researchers looking at whales’ earwax?? Find out all this and more in the latest edition of science news! Read More Science News: 9/24/13

Science News: 9/10/13

Some of the greatest videos you will ever watch are in this week’s edition of science news (and only one of them will make you feel dirty). Plus, we’ve got the latest news from Mars, volcanoes in unexpected places, and P-Mag readers will be excited to learn the identity of the “best living science communicator.” (Spoiler alert — he’s also damn smexy!) Read More Science News: 9/10/13