News in Asia: Fashion Edition

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This week’s column is inspired partly by this post, which highlights some of the awesome things about the country of Pakistan; one of which is their fashion industry.

StephensNews in Asia: Fashion Edition

Interview Outfits Decoded

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Full disclosure — I will always advocate overdressing for an interview. I have also gotten every job I have ever interviewed for. Coincidence? I think not.

Kym GInterview Outfits Decoded

Three Easy and Cheap Ways to Accessorize Your Favorite Jeans and T-Shirt

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If I could spend my entire life in sweatpants, a tank top, a hoodie, and slippers, I would. Unfortunately, since I have to leave the house and look presentable every day, that isn’t an option. I can do the next best thing, though, which is fancy up the most basic basics into quite cute little outfits.

Kym GThree Easy and Cheap Ways to Accessorize Your Favorite Jeans and T-Shirt

5 Winter Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

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Winter is tough on skin, particularly this winter thanks to all the snow and subarctic temperatures. My skin and hair have been dry, I look pale and washed-out, and I feel just generally blah. Luckily, I have some beauty products I can rely on during the winter to get me out of that rut. Here are five of them.

Linotte Melodieuse5 Winter Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Ladyguide: Fix a Nail Polish Chip

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Has this happened to you? Your manicure is glorious for a day, and then, boom, you do something silly like cleaning without gloves. Suddenly, you have a single chip on one nail. There’s no need to start over or live with the chip. Here’s how to fix a nail polish chip.

[E] Sally LawtonLadyguide: Fix a Nail Polish Chip