Etsy Betsy: Ceramics and Pottery Edition

You may not know this about me (and how could you?), but I am way into using pottery/ceramic coffee cups. And for that matter, I’m into these items for just about everything else, too: salad bowls, cookie jars, water “glasses,” decorate vases, et cetera. As a result, I always have a few good Etsy pottery and ceramic recommendations up my sleeve at any given time. And it’s your lucky day, because today, I’m going to share these recommendations with you! Continue reading

Etsy Betsy: Hawt Homemade Jewelry Edition

Unsurprisingly, the theme of today’s post is hawt jewelry, or more specifically, jewelry made in high heat – think glassmaking and metalworking. I’ve been so stoked to do this post for a while because this type of jewelry is among my favorite, and the product of this artisan labor is always original. Your glass flower necklace will be the only one of its kind to look the way that it does, and in this highly commercialized and mass-produced world of ours, that’s no small trait.

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Smells Like Summer: Fragrances You Might Like To Try!

Let’s just say that the summer of 2012 is going to be, against a few or all odds, the very best summer of your life. I hope it is! And let’s just say you want a certain scent that says, “Yayyy summer” to you now, and reminds you of the good times when you smell it later. I’ve tried out a bunch of fragrances for you, and here are some you may feel like checking out!

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Perfume for the Wary Novice

I was going to write about some scents I recommend for summer, but then I thought I’d better back up and talk about fragrance in general. While a small number of people can’t wear it due to sensitivities, lots of people are scared of it. And with good reason: they’ve been around people who wear too much, which can trigger headaches or at least revulsion. It’s very inconsiderate to overdo it. Continue reading