Fashion Conscience: An Interview with Jalyse Hanna

During my senior year in college, one of my best friends – ReBekha (yes, that’s spelled right!) – convinced me to take a class with her, which didn’t require too much persuasion because it was a course on Tibetan Buddhism – the religion and the cultures that practice it – and most of the class was comprised of a week and a half long trip to Thailand. I briefly weighed my options of taking out further student loans in order to pay the class fee (almost $2,000), but I was quickly on board. It was during this class that I met an intelligent, hilarious, compassionate, and creative young woman named Jalyse Hanna with whom ReBekha and I quickly became friends. Continue reading

Etsy Betsy: Vintage Toy Edition

My husband turned 30 last week, and all of this mile-stoning has gotten me thinking about the toys we played with as children, and all of that reminiscing got me thinking about toys from another time entirely. eBay aside, one of the best places to find vintage toys online is Etsy. So, if you’ll forgive this nostalgic young woman, I’ve compiled a list of a few favorites for our mutual gawking. Continue reading

Elfity’s Beauty-O-Rama: Skin Edition!

For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or spend a lot of time performing skincare magic, I am a deceptively adamant beauty junkie. I love makeup, I love skincare products, I FREAKING ADORE nail polish. I blame a beauty-obsessed mother who instilled in me at quite a young age the value of Chanel lip gloss and the importance of eyebrow maintenance. I remember her lovingly chasing me about the house with a pair of tweezers, chirping, “Baby, come here! Let Mama do your eyebrows!” Tweezers are scary shit. Anyway, I’ve become somewhat of an encyclopedia of beauty tips, collected over the years from friends, family, and the bevy of magazines I collected for years until the aforementioned tweezer-wielding mother made me toss them all out. This week, I’m taking on skincare. Continue reading

Etsy Betsy: Pretty Purses Edition

I’m not big on bags. But every so often, the practicality of having everything near at hand wins out and I start looking around for a purse. However, I am frequently disappointed with much of the mainstream style and practices surrounding purses, so lately, I’ve been looking to Etsy to fill this need. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites, hand-plucked for you from among the dizzying number of stalls. Continue reading

Confessions of a Walking Fashion “Don’t”

I have a somewhat humiliating confession to make. I’m 33 years old and still have no idea how to dress myself. It’s not that I wear anything truly hideous or embarrassing, but my wardrobe is just so boring. At this point, I’m starting to think I’ll never learn how to dress like a functioning adult. Most days I’m okay with this, but the thought that I might one day really have to figure it out is pretty unnerving. Help! Continue reading

Etsy Betsy: Spring/Summer Scarves Edition

Oh-ho-ho-ho, I love this time of year for scarves on Etsy. While most of us keep a bulky scarf or two for those winter days we spend freezing our asses off at the bus stop, we all look forward to the day when we can break out our lighter, more delicate spring/summer scarves. In this edition of Etsy Betsy, you will be ooh-ing and ah-ing over what I have to show you. Oh my darlings, lock up that credit card right now; you’ve been warned! Continue reading

An Ode to Nail Polish

In the last year, I have become one of many. I have begun to adore collecting little bottles full of bright colours and slathering them on the ends of my fingers. I adore choosing between those little bottles, between the glitter, the jellies, the creams.  That’s right; I have an addiction to nail polish. This is my ode to nail polish. Continue reading

It’s So Out It’s In Again

At some point in the late 1990s, when flared-leg jeans were getting popular, all the adults in my life starting talking about how they never thought they’d see bell-bottoms make a comeback. At the time, I thought they were being ridiculous. These were flares not bell-bottoms, why couldn’t they get with it?

Continue reading

Hot Right Now: Color Blocking

Color blocking: Creating an outfit by putting blocks of solid colors next to each other. Interesting geometric designs are a major focus of this spring’s color blocking. This can be achieved with the help of clothes, shoes or accessories, which are all coming in color block patterns this season. Color blocking doesn’t have to be bright fluorescent colors, it can be accomplished with monotone, bright colors, muted colors, contrasting and complimentary colors.

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