Anthropologie: You Are Drunk

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No matter how you feel about Anthropologie’s selection of cute dresses and whimsical decor, you’ve probably thought the store was drunk at some point. Here’s where Anthro had a little too much to drink before selling stuff.

[E] Sally LawtonAnthropologie: You Are Drunk

20 Awesome Holiday Nail Art Designs

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No holiday is complete without festive fingernails. Get inspired with some of the best Christmas, Hanukkah, and Festivus nail art on the interwebs! 

[E] Hillary20 Awesome Holiday Nail Art Designs

Don’t Believe These Lies About Perfume

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You may not have spent a lot of time learning about perfume. That’s OK. Life is complicated, and we’re all doing the best we can. Besides, you’ve got me to tell you about it! Here are a few things you may have heard about fragrance that are not particularly true.

Bryn DonovanDon’t Believe These Lies About Perfume

Scent of a Badass: Not-So-Ladylike Perfumes

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Some of the most popular fragrances right now are gentle, girly, fruity florals, like Coach’s Poppy and Marc Jacob’s Daisy. Nothing wrong with that, but on certain days, you might want something a little bit tougher. Here are some less-sweet scents I checked out!

Bryn DonovanScent of a Badass: Not-So-Ladylike Perfumes

Where Have All the Cotton Panties Gone?

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It’s a very serious question. I used to faithfully purchase these Gillian & O’Malley black cotton hipster panties from Target. I loved them. They didn’t ride up. They looked cute enough for date night, and they were breathable, awesome, amazing cotton. I owned at least two dozen pairs. But they’ve disappeared.

[E] Sally LawtonWhere Have All the Cotton Panties Gone?

Ethical Fashion Shopping Guide: Dog Days Edition!

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I live in Kansas, and at this point I figure it’s reasonable to assume that it’s going to be really, really hot here for the rest of my life. If you’re in a similar place, it might be a good time to add something new to your hellish-weather wardrobe. Here are some ways to do it and feel pretty good … Read More

Bryn DonovanEthical Fashion Shopping Guide: Dog Days Edition!

2012 Olympics: Uniform Controversy

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I am amazed at all the uniform controversy that haas happened this Olympic preseason. First, we had the swimsuit challenge. This was solved by banning full-length suits and allowing swimmers to wear suits that did not go past their knees or past their elbows.

Trulybst2012 Olympics: Uniform Controversy