NaNoWriMo 2014 — Keep Writing

It’s now December. For many of you, that means the hellish challenge that is NaNoWriMo has come to an end. Perhaps this was the year that you won and printed yourself out a winner’s certificate you can display with pride on your fridge’s door. Or maybe this is the year that you had very good intentions of winning, but the flu decided otherwise. Or you’re a non-participant and looking forward to the next eleven months where you mostly aren’t inundated with posts about this damn novel writing month. Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2014 — Keep Writing

Is It Okay to Use an Image from Google for My Book Cover?

Boys and girls, sit tight because I’m going to tell you all about why not to use Google images for book covers.

For some, Google Images is a free-for-all playground. If it’s on Google it must be free, right? Well, no. Do you think everything you find on Google is free? Do you think that every site you browse is free for you to take apart and run away with? Even academic papers? Well, you’re in for a good wake up call. Continue reading Is It Okay to Use an Image from Google for My Book Cover?

The Great NaNo Adventure: Chapter One

Many of us are dedicating their life and sanity to writing a novel this November, and I am one of them. I’ve done it four times before: The first two times I sailed through it and loved (almost) every minute of it. Then I failed epically twice in a row (managing 300 and 3500 words respectively). This year is the decider, and I’ve got a vague idea for a future Booker Prize winner. It just needs to be written. Easy peasy. Continue reading The Great NaNo Adventure: Chapter One