Celebrity Instagrams You Should Be Following

In an age of social media overload and over-saturation of celebrity culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the carefully curated lifestyles of celebrities. We all know Beyoncé’s Instagram will be heavily filtered and edited by a team of image and brand consultants who need to make her life flawless. Luckily there’s a whole slew of celebrities who go the opposite route and post their unfiltered thoughts (for better or worse) on the Internet.

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Internet Rumor Mongering

Who even knows what to believe on the internet these days? Rumors spread quickly and with much fanfare on the internet, especially if it’s something we want to believe. We at P-Mag are doing our part to make sure that the internet is full of untruths and wishful thinking. Here are some rumors (and maybe some truths) to share with the internet and to help confuse future Google searches.

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Notes I Leave for Myself

I write things down quite frequently. It doesn’t guarantee I’ll remember why I wrote it down or that it’s actually important information, because often I write things down when I’m half asleep, drunk, panicked, or some unholy combination.

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Things You Can Do with Your Friends*

*According to my roommate

Tired of those ladymags with their crazy suggestions about how to dress or what’s trendy or what’s cool? Well just in time for summer, this ladymag has some suggestions for fun things you can do with your friends, as my roommate has attempted all of these activities with me. Read More Things You Can Do with Your Friends*

Coping with No (Work) Internet

I have been without steady internet at my job for a little over two weeks now. For context, I work at a school and if you ever wondered if we were maybe too technology dependent, visit a school. I’ve also had a computer at home that’s decided that this would be a good week to keep freezing. Internet withdrawal is real. Read More Coping with No (Work) Internet

O According to Penny Hartz

Are you still reeling from that April Fools’ Day prank pulled by a Happy Endings writer toying with our emotions about a possible reunion? Is it that you just miss the sage advice and exhuberance of Penny Hartz? This week in ladymags we look at the ladymag queen herself, Oprah, through the eyes of our favorite failed hipster.

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