Their Favorite Mom

The other day my daughter shared some letters she had written to each member of her family, including one to her birth mother, who is dead, and one to me. The letter to me was heartfelt and said how much she loved me. The letter to her birth mother, which she wanted me to read, said that my daughter would always love her birth mother the most. I told her it was OK that her birth mother has first place in her heart, and that she wasn’t hurting my feelings. I wasn’t lying. Read More Their Favorite Mom

You aren’t fated to be a bad parent just because yours were

Not all of us have had ideal parents, and sometimes long after we’re out of their sphere of influence, the damage they’ve done remains. I certainly fall into the category of someone who still is affected by what happened in her childhood, and the damage was enough that I worried that I’d do the same to my daughter. Read More You aren’t fated to be a bad parent just because yours were

Identifying the Most Dangerous International Adopters

Recently, I came across a GoFundMe for a middle-class family of six that was adopting five siblings from an emerging nation. Their friends and members of their church had set up the fund to help them, and the writeup was gushing about how selfless and wonderful the family was to do that. It was an inspiration. Read More Identifying the Most Dangerous International Adopters

Six Ways to Survive Snow Days with Kids

Well friends, it looks like the Polar Vortex is back again this year. My school age kids have had a whopping four hours of school this week, which means they’re basically on their third week of winter break.

A little planned time off is fun. A day of unplanned time off is okay. But two snow days in a row can make for a bad case of cabin fever. Add to it a malfunctioning furnace that forced us into one room of our house, huddled around the space heater, and the kids weren’t the ones climbing the walls. Read More Six Ways to Survive Snow Days with Kids

Thinking on My Feet

When I first discussed heaven with my adopted daughter, it was to help her handle the enormous losses she had suffered, first and foremost being the death of her mother. I didn’t think about the theological implications — I was providing answers that would help her sleep at night. At first she wanted very simple things for her mother — a pretty house with a vegetable garden, enough food, clothing. I answered her questions like a champ, describing the floor plan of her mother’s cottage and the amenities there — running water, electricity, a refrigerator. She was comforted to think of her mother living in what she saw as luxury. Read More Thinking on My Feet

10 Pro Tips on Mothering an Infant (From Someone Who’s Been at it for Six Whole Weeks)

I had a baby in September, so according to the tenets of Internet wisdom – which, of course, hold that if you have any experience with a topic whatsoever, you should immediately present your anecdotal evidence as expert testimony to a thirsting public – I’m way overdue to start giving parenting advice.

And since I do love telling people what to do and would rather write this while my baby naps than do laundry, I offer my top ten infant momming pro-tips. Read More 10 Pro Tips on Mothering an Infant (From Someone Who’s Been at it for Six Whole Weeks)

Breastfeeding and Babywearing Jewellery

It’s World Breastfeeding Week! In celebration of this, I thought I’d share some beautiful necklaces that can be worn to entertain little hands when breastfeeding or babywearing. Read More Breastfeeding and Babywearing Jewellery