Power Ranking Children’s Birthday Parties

This past weekend, our daughter turned six. Because that’s a big thing, we decided to let her have a “proper” party, which meant inviting almost all kids from her class, plus some out-of-school friends. As far as birthday parties go, things went surprisingly well. Read More Power Ranking Children’s Birthday Parties

Ten Reasons I Breastfeed in Public

Lately, I’ve found myself breastfeeding in public more and more. This is clearly a problem for some, as the looks and mutterances I’ve received have made obvious. To clear things up, I want to talk about some of my thought processes while breastfeeding in public. Read More Ten Reasons I Breastfeed in Public

Three Years In

I am fortunate to have pictures of my children when they were first taken from their family, before we came together through adoption. They are not easy to look at. My son is little more than a baby. He is tiny for his age, but the expression on his face is not childish. He is enraged, his brow furrowed. Even in the pictures where he is crying, his face is contorted with fury and pain. Without being there, I can tell that the tears are scalding hot on his face. His expression seems to say, “I knew this would happen.” He is being punished, and he knows why: it is not his fault, but he should have been able to prevent it. Read More Three Years In

5 Signs You’re Ready for the Last Day of School

The school year is winding down for students across the country. Preschoolers are graduating, high school students are going to prom, and college students are ready to find jobs.

As ready as they are to find the next best thing, let me tell you that their parents are ready to move on, too. Although talking heads may cite the benefits of a longer school year, I’m fairly certain that 180 days worth of a particular routine is a person’s limit. It doesn’t even matter if you won’t be home with your kids during the summer months, it’s just that changes in a routine seem to be critical. Read More 5 Signs You’re Ready for the Last Day of School

It’s Not a Sprint

I realized today that my daughter doesn’t know her left hand from her right. It doesn’t matter how old she is right now; just know that she is well past the age when most children have learned this. We have tried telling her that she writes with her right hand, but this doesn’t register with her at all. Now we are going to put some nail polish on one finger of her left hand so she can look quickly if she’s asked, or give her a pretty ring to wear on her left hand. Read More It’s Not a Sprint

Girl Scout Cookies: The Real Agenda

This weekend, my daughter and I will deliver nearly one hundred boxes of cookies to our friends and family. Her troop of fourteen third graders have sold 1356 boxes of cookies, and they are just getting started. We’ll be braving the elements and selling cookies at designated locations throughout February and most of March. Read More Girl Scout Cookies: The Real Agenda

My One Advice to Parents: Don’t Read!

Facebook is annoying in many, many ways. Not only do you have to put up with the so-in-love friend, the bragging friend, the friend-of-questionable-political-leanings, and the football enthusiast, there is the onslaught of memes and ecards that makes me contemplate defriending everyone on a weekly basis. Who would have guessed that Buddha could make me this aggressive? Read More My One Advice to Parents: Don’t Read!

Kick Rocks, Woman Shamers

Oh, good. This guy again. I think Matt Walsh imagines himself as some sort of caped, high-booted defender of women when he’s just another woman-shaming promoter of “traditional” feminine roles. Read More Kick Rocks, Woman Shamers