The Terrible Teens

What many people forget about when they’re picking out an adorable puppy, is that they don’t grow directly from puppies into adult dogs. Just like humans, their bodies move ahead of their brains, hormones go out of control, and what you’re left with is a canine teenager. My older dog is almost two, and he’s nearing the end of adolescence. The younger two are just shy of a year old, and are working diligently to slowly drive my husband and me to vice. This is a prime age for dogs to end up being passed around from home to home, or worse, in a cell at Animal Control. Read More The Terrible Teens

What You Need to Know About Animal Hoarding and Nothing More

I’m assuming if you are reading this, you know what animal hoarding is, but just in case you don’t, animal hoarding is when someone has numerous animals that are kept in conditions where their basic needs are not being met. That is a very, very loose definition, of course. The reality of animal hoarding is that these animals are being kept in situations that are horrific beyond most of our imaginations. There have been cases where more than 100 animals have been kept at someone’s residence. It’s more prevalent than you’d imagine: lists more than a thousand documented arrests/seizures for animal hoarding, affecting tens of thousands of dogs. Read More What You Need to Know About Animal Hoarding and Nothing More

Trashing Your Dog’s Food Bowl

Is your dog behaving like a wild animal? Constantly hungry? Destructively bored? While there is no magic cure, we can take a cue from behavioral experts and zoo keepers around the world by trashing our food bowls. Contrafreeloading is the the term coined for the fact that animals will choose to work for their food, even when “free” food is available, and it’s a concept I’ve embraced since I became a dog owner. I have three jumbo, young, high-energy mutts and I need all the help keeping them entertained I can get. Read More Trashing Your Dog’s Food Bowl

Dogs: Doing the Right Thing

[Content warning: Discussion of animal euthanasia.] Nothing about this column is going to make you happy, and I apologize for that, but this might be one of the most important things you read as a dog owner. Read More Dogs: Doing the Right Thing

Dog Marketing 101: Taking Photos of Shelter Dogs

I used to think that I was an incredible pet photographer. But it turns out it’s not hard to get some great shots when you are with your pets nonstop and always have your phone on you. The pressure’s certainly on when you are photographing a shelter dog. Not only do you have limited time with the dog, you’re trying to get it adopted! We all know that the pup’s profile picture is a deciding factor in whether or not someone will come in to visit. Read More Dog Marketing 101: Taking Photos of Shelter Dogs

Etiquette: Pet Ownership

Having recently become a single dog owner, I’ve been thinking about pet etiquette, or pet-iquette, if you will (or won’t), quite a bit lately. Sometimes being a pet parent is exhausting. The process of merely walking and feeding my dog on a schedule can be overwhelming. I’m sure sometimes cat owners don’t want to clean the litter box. But there are so many things we must do, and so, I present to you, the etiquette of pets, or… Read More Etiquette: Pet Ownership