News in Asia: Sports Edition

In honor of the biggest sporting event in the U.S. having taken place this weekend, this week’s edition is looking at the most popular sports in several countries. We’ll start in the place I lived for two years. Read More News in Asia: Sports Edition

10 Reasons to Watch the IPL

If, despite my best efforts over the last few months, you still think cricket is not for you, let me introduce you to the Indian Premier League. Despised by the old guard who prefer their games spread over five days, and their trousers white, the IPL is the faster, louder and wackier version of the game made for the 21st century. Since the inaugural season in 2008, it’s gone from strength to strength and is now valued at 3.03 billion U.S. dollars. There’s some serious money to be made from flashy sporting events, and those Indian businessmen who realised this early enough are more than comfortably off these days. Read More 10 Reasons to Watch the IPL

My Obsession with March Madness

For many, March feels like a sleeper month, but for me, it is electrifying. March contains one of the funnest sporting events of the year, NCAA March Madness. This single elimination tournament has spurred so many different copycats, including the best copycat, Persephone’s own Middlemarch Madness. What is more fun than having an actual winner of something? Unlike the mess that is college football’s post season, college basketball’s tournament gives us an easy solution. 64 teams enter, 1 team leaves. It is the best, usually least bloody, Thunder Dome.  Read More My Obsession with March Madness

My Secret Fandom

You may know by now that I have a ton of fandoms, some more hardcore than others. All of us do. You may be a Trekkie, a Whovian, a Whedonist, or a Beatlemaniac. Those fandoms usually are not shamed by people. I have a feeling we all have a guilty pleasure fandom that we hide from our friends, feeling like they wouldn’t understand. I definitely have one of those fandoms.  Read More My Secret Fandom

My Top 5 Fitness Sites

A large part of the impetus behind my recent foray into strength training is the great information and inspiration I found online, so I’m returning the favour. Here are my favourite fitness sites.

Read More My Top 5 Fitness Sites

The Ashes Down Under 2013/14: Melbourne and Sydney

… although this could have been anywhere. Both Melbourne and Sydney have their own special place in the Ashes, with the traditional Boxing Day Test in Melbourne becoming part of the series, and Sydney turning pink to raise money for breast cancer awareness, but the cricket could have been played in a field just outside Oenpelli, and it would have made the same impact. Read More The Ashes Down Under 2013/14: Melbourne and Sydney