Tell Me About Tights, My Sisters

I was helping my daughter get ready for a party and we got to talking about tights. She couldn’t believe how difficult they were to put on, and how likely they were to get stretched out/slip down in places. I was telling her that in my long life, I had faced a near constant battle of tights curling down at the waistline, sometimes rolling down my hips, which I attributed to to my long waist, since it didn’t appear to be a matter of my size or my tight size. Tights, I told her, are very flawed leg coverings. Read More Tell Me About Tights, My Sisters

Shoe Shopping When You Have Huge Feet

Clothes shopping can be tough because I’m fat, but I do know how to sew and if worse comes to worst, I can create clothes for myself. Bra shopping is a pain, but at least no one will see those bras (without my permission). But shoes. Shoes. I’ve worn an 11 in women’s shoes since I was about 12 years old. And short of some cobbler elves helping me out, it will never stop sucking.

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