Spicy Comfort Food of the Pinto Variety

I have had a can of pinto beans sitting in my pantry. In true apartment-living style, my pantry is a large cabinet above my microwave, but “pantry” sounds much nicer, though, upon further reflection, I am not sure that a sentence about a can of beans really merits much dressing up. Anyway, I have had this can for a while and while I appreciate the taste of slow cooked dried beans, I do not have the time. Apparently, I also did not have the time for this poor can of beans – until now! Read More Spicy Comfort Food of the Pinto Variety

Food for the Cold Season

I am writing to you from 30,000 feet, give or take a mile. Soaring high above the rugged western United States with its snow covered peaks and mesas and roads that, at dawn, resemble rivers of molten lava which would not be out of place on Mount Doom, is nothing short of inspirational. Unfortunately, unless I lug it myself, there isn’t much food up here. Well, I suppose there is no better place to day-dream about delicious eats. Read More Food for the Cold Season

Cookie Times

Winter is the perfect time of year for cookies. For starters, if you make too much cookie dough, you can freeze it just by throwing it outside (in a sealed container to prevent attracting raccoons and other rabies-laden but surprisingly adorable critters). For seconders, completely disregard that first point and just continue to use the traditional, patented A-A “freezer method” of storage by shoving the dough in the freezer. Read More Cookie Times

Fried Rice is Nice

Every week, I take a moment to scan apartment décor blogs, book suggestion blogs, and food suggestion blogs. With each type of blog, I have a system: for the apartment, I gloss over anything that won’t stand up to one hyperactive dog and one passive-aggressive cat that scratches the furniture and then accidentally-on-purpose manages to swipe the dog sitting on that furniture; for books, I completely skip over anything whose cover looks like it was “enhanced” with one of those highly questionable Instagram filters. For food blogs, I have a much more extensive list of “Nopes!” Read More Fried Rice is Nice

Food for Thought

Lately, I’ve been doing recipe reviews to expand my own culinary skills and to share my mistakes with others, thus hopefully preventing them from repeating my errors. It’s almost a public service! I mean, not really, but I am feeling a little self-aggrandizing. This week, I do not have any recipe review, though, because I have spent the past week and a half getting pizza so I can cook Thanksgiving food, then making Thanksgiving food, then eating Thanksgiving food, and then shot-gunning salad to make up for the fact that everything I’d eaten for a week had been doused in butter (yeah, I know, I can’t believe I’m complaining about it, either). Read More Food for Thought

It is Almost Thanksgiving!

Ah, one of the most wonderful times of the year is finally almost upon us. Like a lion, shaking its butt in a stealthy manner while preparing to spring upon the (I’m assuming) delectable haunches of a gazelle, I am wide-eyed with anticipation of a four-day all-out food fest. Ideally, I’d be hanging out with my sister in some sweatpants while trying to make garlic knots get out of my dreams and into my mouth, but since time off and airplanes do not grow on trees, that can wait until Christmas, which honestly is a much more family-oriented holiday in my world anyway. But enough with the sentimentality and on to the food. Read More It is Almost Thanksgiving!