The Daily Goodie -4/4

Happy Monday, everyone! How were your weekends? I spent the whole weekend subsisting almost entirely on Cadbury Creme Eggs, so that’s what this Daily Goodie is devoted to!

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TDG: 3/31 Kinetic Typography

Good morning, you delightful rays of sunshine, you dewy blooms of clever bookishness.  It’s time to start another day, and we’ve got lots of neat stuff behind the curtain for you today.  To get add a little spring in your step, I put some cool kinetic typography videos behind the cut.  Read More TDG: 3/31 Kinetic Typography

TDG: 3/30

Guess what happened to me last night.  An f-ing raccoon came to visit me while I was sitting on my front porch!  I was out there reading and my cat started to growl, so I assumed that one of the other neighborhood cats had encroached upon her territory, but when I looked up a big honkin’ raccoon was edging around her to come say “Hi” to me.  Read More TDG: 3/30

The Daily Goodie – 3/28

Welcome to another fantastic week at Persephone Magazine!  If you’re new, we’re so happy you found us! And if you’ve been around, thanks for sticking around!  We love our readers and commenters.  And to start us off this week in TDG, I just want to say “¦ thank you for being a friend. Read More The Daily Goodie – 3/28

TGD: Sick of Winter Edition

Yes, I know, we’re all upset that we got some warm weather for about 5 minutes and then it snowed. This is why I hate spring. Read More TGD: Sick of Winter Edition

TDG: 3/24

Some days, it’s easy as pie to think of a good TDG.  Others, not so much.  Today is one of those days.  I seriously just searched for unicorn pictures on all our stock photo sites, I’m so lost this morning.  So I’m going to cheat a little, and just post pictures of pie.  Read More TDG: 3/24

TDG, 3/23, and Answers to Riddles

Good morning all!  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling sassy today.  We have a day full of awesome scheduled and I’ve got “Mr. Sunshine” to look forward to tonight.  To kick things off, I have the answers to last night’s riddles as well as a Goodie that is the embodiment of stunningly weird – Leonard Nimoy singing “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” Read More TDG, 3/23, and Answers to Riddles