Weekly Anime Review

We are now in weeks 6-7 for this season of anime and it’s easy to see which ones are my favorite and which ones are losing steam. I really believe that Last Exile, Fam the Silver Wing is the best show so far, followed by UN-GO and Fate/Zero. Chihayafuru gets a special mention for being quite good as well, but I have a soft spot for action, and that show isn’t really about that.

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Weekly Anime Review

Looks like this week’s anime is composed of “What the hell just happened” episodes. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Fate/Zero, and Persona 4 being the clear winners. Also, both Gundam and Last Exile have their main character “face” ace pilots. As a bonus, Last Exile Fam, The Silver Wing episode is also really funny: “See, she’s having so much fun.” Read More Weekly Anime Review

Weekly Animé Review

October arrived, and with it the Japanese animé season started. Following this, I’m going to write mini-reviews of the animé I’m watching each week. I’m not a fan of spoiling what is happening, but I’ll try to be as informative as possible and, if available, point toward were you can legally watch these show with English subtitles. Read More Weekly Animé Review

Over the Sky: Last Exile Review

With the coming of Last Exile 2 (Last Exile -Fam the Silver Wing), I decided to rewatch the first series and see if it was as good as I remembered. Last Exile was made in 2003 by GONZO for their 10th anniversary, but I probably watched it in 2006 or 2007, when I started to explore classic anime series.  With a marathon of 4-5 episodes a day to finish it in a week’s time, I have now relived this amazing anime and this is my review. Read More Over the Sky: Last Exile Review