The Hair Affair: Revisited

Q: Any advice for shaving one’s pubic hair? I always seem to get, erm, stubble and that’s just not nice for sexytimes. (Nobody likes a carpet burn!) I’m kind of interested in waxing, but also terrified of it, so any insight into how to get a smooth mound would be (forgive me) gnarly! Read More The Hair Affair: Revisited

Terrible Book Review: Sex Tips for Girls by Guys

Have you ever read one of those Cosmo articles in which a handful of dudes, evidently speaking for all men everywhere ever, present their favorite probably-apocryphal sex anecdotes in the form of groundbreaking new techniques and thought to yourself, “Boy, I wish there were a whole book of these!”? Of course you haven’t. But just in case your morbid curiosity gets the best of you, look no further – Sex Tips for Girls by Guys has got you covered! Read More Terrible Book Review: Sex Tips for Girls by Guys

Honey, We’ve Got A Leak: Anal Sex And Its Friendly Fluids

Hello chickadees! I’m self-welcoming myself as one of the newest contributors to Persephone’s ever loving (in all the right ways) sex advice column. Like a moth to the flame, I’ve really enjoyed reading the best and brightest advice that the Frisky Feminist has offered and now I say with great pleasure (potentially the self-loving kind, later this evening) to be a part of this sexy little team. So hand over the worst, the best, and the ones that have got your head scratching, and we will get these boots knocking. Now, without further ado, lets hop into this week’s query.

Read More Honey, We’ve Got A Leak: Anal Sex And Its Friendly Fluids

From the Archives: Bum’s the Word

Q: I’ve been toying with the idea of anal sex for MONTHS, literally months, and I can’t get up the courage to try it. Baby steps, yes, but taking that final leap still freaks me out for some reason. I think it’s a combo of the poo issue and the horror stories you hear about rips/tears, etc. I know that’s not how it’d go, but even the remote possibility of that makes it really hard for me to get relaxed enough to be comfortable with the idea. Read More From the Archives: Bum’s the Word

Orgasms In My Sleep: How, and Why Now?

Q: So I’m in my mid-twenties and I’ve started waking up mid orgasm every week for the past month or so. And I don’t get it. I’ve never had this (I don’t want to say issue ’cause it’s kind of fun”¦) happen before. Not during puberty when that sort of thing is more common, so I’m curious as to why. Why do these things happen and what do you think could have changed that I’d start having them about a decade after puberty? Read More Orgasms In My Sleep: How, and Why Now?