Hit Me, Baby, Harder This Time

Q: How do I get my partner to hit me harder? I like being slapped during sex, and he will oblige but I think it weirds him out, and he does it very tentatively. I know I should just talk to him, but it’s really really hard for me to talk about when I’m not in the moment. I’m a feminist, and he has not a trace of machismo, so I feel like I’m asking for something out of character for both of us. But I like it!

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A Round Peg in a Small Hole

Welcome to The Frisky Feminist, Persephone Magazine’s resident sexpert couple’s advice column answering all your sexuality related questions with honesty, enthusiasm and humor.   Content below the cut may be considered NSFW, so proceed at your own risk.  ~ed

Q: What is the best way to broach pegging with a new guy? Do you wait for him to bring it up? What can I say that won’t freak him out?