Persephone Pioneers: Eisa Jocson

I had the pleasure of chatting with performance artist from the Philippines, Eisa Jocson, who is a featured artist at this year’s Time-Based Art Festival presented by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. As a Filipina myself and as person who is aspiring for a career in researching gender and sexuality (in the academe or outside), Eisa’s work completely fascinates me. Her two pieces that she is performing at this year’s TBA Fest are titled “Death of the Pole Dancer” and “Macho Dancer.” Both pieces are loaded with questions and thoughts around gender presentation, body politics, and space. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Eisa Jocson

Persephone Pioneers: Lynn Casper

This week’s Persephone Pioneer is multimedia artist and activist Lynn Casper.

Lynn is a multimedia artist, strategist, and activist. Her two active projects consist of feminist playing cards and a music podcast show, Homoground. I’m fascinated by her work on so many different levels, but above all, I am inspired by her willingness to share parts of herself in her work. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Lynn Casper

Laverne Cox and Jac Gares on Their Documentary, FREE CeCe!

[Original publication date: Dec. 16, 2013]

Laverne Cox and Jacqueline Gares talk CeCe, transmisogyny, and the justice system.

Read More Laverne Cox and Jac Gares on Their Documentary, FREE CeCe!

Persephone Pioneers: Issa Rae

[Original publication date: Nov. 23, 2011]

Are you awkward? So is Issa Rae, and she is bringing it to you through her breakthrough series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. If you haven’t been watching Rae’s series, I would suggest tuning in right now. No, like now, shut down the interview, give an hour to ABG and then come back here. Seriously. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Issa Rae

Persephone Pioneers: Paige Weldon

Paige Weldon is a Los Angeles-based comedian and co-founder of the comedy website, The Higgs Weldon. I came across her work after recently following her on Twitter. I would describe her comedy as insightful, witty, awkward, and smart. Just the way I like it! Read More Persephone Pioneers: Paige Weldon