Let Them Build Forts

I am teaching a multi-age classroom this year, covering three grades. It is quite a difference from teaching a traditional classroom of one grade. There are times I miss having only kindergarten. But I have wonderful students that make this year so rewarding. I’ve discovered several things with my students:

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Reviving the Idea of a One Room School House

Recently, I started teaching in a private school setting. While this is not my first foray into this type of classroom, it has been a LONG time. My last private school adventure took place in a third and fourth grade class. This year I am teaching kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. How, you ask, is that possible? I don’t know. I still haven’t figured it out. Originally, I thought I could handle this without a problem. Three grades is nothing, I can totally do that!! I was wrong. I said, “I have done child care for 20 years, this will be fine.” I wasn’t that far off the mark. Read More Reviving the Idea of a One Room School House

Race and Young Children

Susan recently wrote a piece about American-Americans and color-blindness that gave me ~*feelings*~, and it made me think, “How do we teach our children about race?”

Let me begin by saying that children are not stupid. Read More Race and Young Children

Badass Bilingual Bitches

A state law calling for English-only in the public schools. A national movement of “Americanization.” Educators and administrators working to erase the home culture of their students. Sounds like today, right? Nope. Think 1900s Laredo, Texas and enter Jovita Idar and Leonor Villegas de Magnón who said, “Fuck that, our children deserve better.” Read More Badass Bilingual Bitches

Can You Pass Eleventh Grade?

This past week, education news outlets and blogs were abuzz when a school board member with impressive credentials took and could not pass the state standardized tests for students in his district. Rick Roach is a success by many definitions. From Marion Brady’s original piece (the first link):  Read More Can You Pass Eleventh Grade?

What is the Price of Higher Education?

On Friday, the New York Times published an article entitled, “The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s.”  The piece describes a developing trend in the relationship between the academy and the workforce: namely, the fact that more and more employers are hiring Master’s holders, leading to a perceived devaluation of the Bachelor’s degree. Read More What is the Price of Higher Education?

I Was Homeschooled

Not only was I homeschooled, I was homeschooled in 1987, when pretty much the only people who homeschooled also had an action plan for the Rapture. This is the story of how I became a dirty liberal womanist heathen. Read More I Was Homeschooled