Dear Caitlyn

Content Warning: Suicide Ideation, Transmisogyny

Caitlyn, it’s been over six months since you announced who you really are. While the hoopla over a Olympic gold medalist coming out as trans has not died down, trans women have increasingly been trying to distance ourselves from you.
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It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Y’All

I first came out as bisexual in high school in a scary wasteland called Montana in 1999. Now, I wasn’t out to everybody, but enough people guessed I was queer of some sort I routinely got called the f word. I came out to more people as bisexual in high school than I did trans because I still didn’t quite know what trans meant for me. I also assumed that being bisexual would be easier to explain.  Read More It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Y’All

Yay Marriage! What’s Next?

Now that Notorious RBG and her crew used some jiggery-pokery, marriage equality is the law of the land. Everybody seems to be asking, what is next? Read More Yay Marriage! What’s Next?

Unwelcome Home

It just hit me. My grandpa’s 90th birthday is fast approaching. My mother has been doing her motherly things and has planned a grand escape for the family. She rented a whole section of cabins on Lake McDonald in Glacier Park. It is one of my papa’s favorite places. All of the family has been invited to this big party. Both of her brothers and their spouses will be there, as will all of their children. I, the disappointment, will not. I am unwelcome.  Read More Unwelcome Home

Someone Teach Me How to Swim

[Content Warning: Discussion of suicide and self-harm, trans slurs]

23 was a terrible age in a lot of ways. I was drowning. I was struggling. My life was in shambles. I tried to end it and I ended up in a hospital that didn’t know how to treat my dysphoric depression. I ended up being sent to a therapist who saw mostly LG patients and had seen a few trans patients. It seemed, though, like she had what I would consider very old-school ideas on what being trans meant.  Read More Someone Teach Me How to Swim

Life in Transition: 18 Months

August 24th, 2013 marked the first day I went to work fully and wholly as myself. It has been 18 months since that fateful day. That day also marked the last time my parents saw me in person.  Read More Life in Transition: 18 Months

Why Language Matters

I didn’t want to write this post. I have been trying to be less controversial and continue writing about pop culture. Unfortunately, something has been bothering me for months now. Language and word choice matter. “Fuck off” is a very different phrase than “go away.” Both have similar meaning, but one just is much more direct and obscene than the other.  Read More Why Language Matters