Well He’s Better Than The Other Guy, I Guess

We are in the middle of midterm election season and if you’re like me, you were sick of the political ads months ago. I was overseas during the last presidential election and was spared the inundation of ads for political candidates who have approved this message and are supported by super PACs with more money than probably all the P-Mag writers and editors will ever see in a lifetime combined.

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It’s Back: The Bathroom Meme

What’s back, you may ask, dear P-Mag reader? The shittiness that is the bathroom meme. Oh, but Alyson, what is the bathroom meme? Well, dear reader, it is a repeated belief statement that trans people should not be allowed to use the correct restroom. Why would someone want that, Alyson? Well, because people are assholes who believe their twisted version of Christianity dictates they discriminate against people they consider “sinful.” This belief speaks to their own fears and misgivings. Read More It’s Back: The Bathroom Meme

Revenge Of The (Political) Nerds

Many of the most interesting and accomplished adults I know were nerds in high school, high achievers with inversely proportional social status. Revenge for us usually comes in the form of high school reunions; you know, seeing the head cheerleader who snubbed you suddenly be impressed by your business success. Read More Revenge Of The (Political) Nerds

The Price of Bureaucracy

I’m not one for “leaning in” Sheryl Sandberg style. I’m not even one for volunteering beyond one-off opportunities. I don’t like long-term commitments because they usually mean I can’t just walk away when I want to spend a day reading a book instead. But I recently got involved with a city project, and I’m remembering why I hate helping. Read More The Price of Bureaucracy

No, Virginia, There is No War on Christmas

Even in this rapidly changing world, we can always count on a few annual events — swallows returning to Capistrano, back-to-school sales, and the annual Fox News whining about the War on Christmas. According to their complaints, godless anti-religious socialists are trying to ruin the American way of life by asking that governments, schools, and even, gasp, retailers try to be inclusive. Pundits point to some horrid city council that decides to replace its annual Nativity scene with a “winter” scene, or stores that use “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” in their advertisements. Read More No, Virginia, There is No War on Christmas

“But They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . . ”

It’s always astounding when two closely related things turn out to be complete opposites.  Like siblings who have totally different body types, books with matching bindings but one is Jane Austen and the other is Judith Krantz, or the time my father took his first bite into an avocado slice, not knowing what it was but assuming it was some sort of cucumber. Read More “But They’re Cousins, Identical Cousins . . . ”

The Government Shutdown & Tribes: Or the Continuing Failure of the Fed to Meet Treaty Obligations

As the United States (U.S.) government shutdown drags on past ten days (and counting), I have begun to fear the long-term consequences of such a halt on the most vulnerable populations in the United States. I’ve already witnessed some of the consequences for my Oneida tribe. All over the U.S., the shutdown disproportionately affects tribes and especially tribes who experience high poverty rates. While the government shutdown continues, the U.S. fails to uphold their treaty obligations to all U.S. tribes. Read More The Government Shutdown & Tribes: Or the Continuing Failure of the Fed to Meet Treaty Obligations

From My Emergency Government Shutdown Bunker

Even though it sounds melodramatic, I feel like sometimes we are living life under siege. This feeling is much stronger now that the House Republicans have shut down our country’s government because they are displeased with the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.” Read More From My Emergency Government Shutdown Bunker