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  • My little boy arrived ten days ago and he is adorable! He wont sleep in his moses basket though – he only wants to sleep on me. Any tips on how to get him to settle in his own crib? Dont mind the cuddles now but worried that he will be six and still sleeping with me!

    • I wouldn’t worry too much at this age. You can’t spoil him right now!
      I’d say let him sleep whereever he will sleep. If that’s in a swing, or in your arms, or in the carseat – go with it. Whatever works for you and yours will be the right thing to do.

  • Thinking about middle school for my son. He’s got a year and a half before he makes the jump. I don’t have money for private school but could possibly get financial aid. There is this amazing private school in the area that is all about sustainable living, which is integrated into the curriculum. They grow food, make it, learn about the…[Read more]

    • That school sounds amazing! Do they have open days when you can take your son and see how he interacts in the class? They do that for most of the schools near me and it seems a good way to get an idea of how he would cope.

  • Hosting a sleep over tonight. Two little boys in addition to my own. We’ve had pizza and now they are up way past their bedtime cackling at Phinaeus and Ferb. I like that show too. What kids shows do you actually like too? I look for excuses to watch iCarly and I love Spongebob.

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    Does anyone have good recommendations for “how to take care of an infant” books? We’ve got the Baby Owners Manual, and a good friend has recommended the Baby Wise books. I haven’t changed a diaper in probably 20 years and have no idea how to swaddle, how warm you’re supposed to make a bottle, how often you should bathe the baby, etc., etc. So, I’m…[Read more]

    • “Baby 411” has some great advice. I can’t remember if it answers those specific questions; it’s been a couple years since I read it. “What to Expect: The First Year” had a lot of advice too, but it’s a LOT to wade through.

      • Thanks. That’s one I had looked at on amazon but wasn’t sure about. I appreciate the recommendation.

    • I haaaaaaaaaaated Baby Wise. Hated it. Hated it and then realized that they are very religious and this is their translation from their more Christian books into the mainstream media. But I hated it.

      Most of what I read did not resonate well with me. The books all feel like they are trying to sell you something – they get to be famous not by…[Read more]

      • I’ll keep that in mind when reading Baby Wise. My friend who recommended it said she didn’t follow it exactly, just used it as a guide for things like getting a baby on a schedule. Reading baby advice on the internet has so far driven me crazy… too many holier-than-thou parents. Such as looking for information on the best bottles turns into…[Read more]

    • I have the Jo Frost book and that has lots of practical tips and advice in it

  • Hey all, am about to become a mum for the first time! Am 4 days overdue so going crazy at the moment with everyone asking me when the baby is due to arrive! If I knew that I would be more relaxed! Any tips for getting the small one to come out into the world? I want to meet him!

    • Since you’ve only got a little time to use this line left, allow me to share: when asked “when are you due” by a stranger, look them dead in the eye and reply as seriously as possible:

      “I’m not pregnant. This is a beer belly.”

      Having had a scheduled c-section, I don’t have any actually useful tips, sorry.

    • The only tip I have is to let go! Mother nature will decide how it all goes. Hang tough (as those great philosopher New Kids On The Block would say) and wait it out. You’re about to experience something that will blow you away. Keep us updated!

    • Oh, I’m also a Jez-fugee. :D

    • In my family, overdue pregnant women go for a ride down Girard Avenue, which is horendously potholed. Its worked every time. Find the crap road in your area and go for a spin. Good luck! Share new baby pictures!

    • I have no idea, but I hope he shows up soon! Only 11% of babies actually arrive on their due dates, so at least you’re in good company.

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    Hello there! I have an 11 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter, who are both home sick today. While they are convalescing, I am wandering around the internets. Pleased to meetcha!

    • I am always so happy when the kids get better and go back to school. Partly because I hate seeing my kids sick, and partly because I like having the house to myself for a while every day. Hope they feel better soon!

  • Hi everyone! Mom to a very strong-willed, achingly adorable 22 month old little girl here. Starting to get broody for #2 now, but current lack of employment is kind of getting in the way.
    Looking forward to hanging out with some smart, funky parents!

  • Hey all. I have a 9 year old son..single mom here. His big news is that he got invited to the Valentines dance by two girls. It was fantastic news according to him, which soon turned to debilitating stress of having to reject one, accept one, and dance with her. It’s silly because everyone comes with parents and dances in a big group. But it…[Read more]

    • My 7 year old is excited because a boy asked her to the grade school dance this week. It is super cute, and I’m also glad she wants to talk to me about this stuff.

      • People act like I’m supposed to freak out. It’s cute! Crushes make childhood fun.

      • What? There are grade school dances? For first graders? I had no idea!! MaM had fun making valentines for her friends, but there was no giggly boy-interest that I could tell.

        • It’s a school-wide dance. It’s loud and crazy, and you have to fight other parents for wall space to stay out of the way, but the kids have fun.

  • Hi everyone! My husband and I have a nine-month-old daughter. These days her favorite activities are trying very, very hard to crawl and grabbing the cats by their faces. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

    • Awesome! Cat-face-grabbing is still one of my favorite things to do :)

    • We have a nine month old girl too, she just started army crawling to the cat faces!

    • My cheeky money is 22 months, and we’ve moved on from grabbing cats’ faces to crawling around on the floor pretending to BE a cat. It’s a huge leap forward, I assure you.

  • Jesse posted an update in the group Group logo of Persephone Moms & DadsPersephone Moms & Dads 8 years, 9 months ago

    I’m a Dad! :) My son is halfway to kindergarten age, right at that point where he insists on his right to own (and destroy) everything within his sensory range. He makes me happy and I’m happy to share the hipster daddy perspective!

  • Hi~ I have one superbly awesome little boy who’s just about to turn 4. He loves everything he does and does it with gusto. I am proud to be his mom, yet ‘mom’ is not first on my list of self-identifiers. My partner and I are talking about having another kid and I’m torn- afraid of being responsible for two beings who can run in different…[Read more]

    • Welcome! My son’s moving toward 4 as well- he’s full on ALL DAY LONG. My daughter is 6. Having two is less scary than it sounds- it’s still ridiculous and tiring, but watching them together is amazing!

  • Hi! I have two kids, a 5 year old daughter and a toddler son. Both of whom are asleep right now, so I predict bedtime will not go as well as planned tonight…

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    Hello, hello! I’m a single mom to two grown children and one non-grown little person. My oldest daughter is 21, my son will be 19 tomorrow, and my youngest daughter is 9. I’ve also got a 3 year old granddaughter who I babysit quite often so you may see me grumbling about potty training and stuff too.

  • I am a mom of a soon to be 8 year old amazing smarty pants and an almost 2 stubborn version of me with a bit of her risk taking dad in her.

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