Diversifying Your Skill Set

MightyMishMisc16 Comments


I have been job searching in the Midwest for almost a year and a half. With varying degrees of seriousness and intensity, because job searching makes me want to bludgeon other people or myself, and it’s best for my mental health to take breaks sometimes.

MightyMishDiversifying Your Skill Set

Wax On, Wax Off: Rejection and the Past

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Q. What do you do when you initiate sex with your partner and they’re not in the mood? And when they turn you down, it makes you feel small, mostly due to jackasses before (even though your partner is super cute and nice and kind)? Not that I have any experience with this.

[E]Coco PapyWax On, Wax Off: Rejection and the Past

CPAP Hurray!

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The results were in: mild sleep apnea but severe hypopnea. I’d be getting a CPAP machine, and maybe getting some sleep.

NatashaCPAP Hurray!

Celebrities, Feminism, and White Flight

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Sometimes, you stumble upon a post in social media, and for a moment, you’re completely dumbfounded. You need to take a breath and let whatever it is that just caught your attention slither its way into your psyche.

Kristin LynnCelebrities, Feminism, and White Flight