3 Book Recommendations: Illuminating Women’s Lives

Though a carefully plotted romance, thriller, or mystery can accurately capture women’s lives, the more difficult to define genre of literary fiction is often where meaning is sussed out from the everyday. Day-to-day life and fantastical journeys are not in competition — one is not necessarily “better” than the other — but it depends on what one is looking for in their reading experience. Oftentimes, when we see elements of ourselves reflected on the page, we can better empathize with others. Here are three books that explore the lives of women, each in their own way.

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Weekly Anime Review

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 20

Three Martian Kataphrac against the Deucalion crews… the Martians won, and the Deucalion had to run with its tail between its legs. One is invisible with explosive arrows, one has a lighting shield that discharges anything electronic, and one can make copies of itself. Charming trio. It also appears that Harklight is the person dealing with the whole war side of things, Slaine just says, “Do X,” and he plans it out. Basically, taking out Harklight will take out Slaine. Also, Slaine is now so much a Martian. He even calls people living on Earth “vulgar trash.” All that because he got NTR. It’s really starting to feel a bit like Buddy Complex v2.0. Read More Weekly Anime Review

Ask UfYH: Roommate Resolution

Q: I’m in college and have lived with the same roommates for two years. I’ve always been pretty bad at doing chores because of a combination of: 1. depression that makes it hard to do things, 2. never learning how to do chores, and 3. bad time management. Though I am getting better at doing the dishes and other chores, I’m afraid my roommates won’t want to live with me next year. Is there any way I can fix this, or should I live alone next year? Read More Ask UfYH: Roommate Resolution

New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×13, “Darkness Over the Edge of Town”

Guess what, all! Once Upon a Time is back, and it’s as much of a trainwreck as ever.

Ursula is breaking into the Forbidden Fortress, and she runs into Maleficent. The two start fighting over why Maleficent sent for Ursula, but Cruella de Vil’s dobermans interrupt them. She insists she was invited there, too. Rumpelstiltskin extended the invitation for them. He has brought them together so they can find their own happy endings, because it’s time the villains got their happy endings. Read More New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×13, “Darkness Over the Edge of Town”