You’re Allowed To Fire Your Vet

In most of America, veterinary practices have a lot of competition. They’re everywhere, and unless you’re dealing with exotics or living somewhere without roads, you have a lot of options. Yet when you ask most people why they go to their vet, it has more to do with convenience or habit than love for the outstanding care their pets receive. Continue reading You’re Allowed To Fire Your Vet

Gift Guide for Geek Kids

A decade or so ago, a kid would be crushed to be labeled a geek. Nowadays, some kids wear the term like a badge of honor. “Heck yeah I’m a geek! I like comic books and video games and science and tech stuff!” If you’ve got a geek kid in your life and you need some ideas for what to get them for a holiday gift, here are a few to get you started.

Continue reading Gift Guide for Geek Kids

What I Learned When I Infiltrated A Pick-up Artist Forum

Ravishly’s Nikki Gloudeman went undercover in a PUA forum to see what kinds of awful things they say when they think they’re among friends. They were predictably terrible. TW misogyny. Continue reading What I Learned When I Infiltrated A Pick-up Artist Forum

Expat Ramblings: Don’t Hide

Last week, the British Prime Minister gave a long-awaited speech on immigration. As with most long-awaited speeches, the lead-up in the press caused much more upset than the speech itself. In reality, David Cameron hinted at stricter rules for benefit caps for immigrants, and kept quiet about his earlier plans of putting a temporary cap on EU migration, something that would directly violate the EU principle of free movement. Continue reading Expat Ramblings: Don’t Hide