You Complete Me Internet

Link round up!  News, goodies, fun stuff and weirdness we found on the web to share with you.  Read More You Complete Me Internet

Book Review: Feed by Mira Grant

Welcome to the first We Try It! post, part of what will eventually be a daily feature. We Try It! posts are reviews of just about anything, from books to movies to websites to products. For my first review, I chose the book Feed, by Mira Grant. Why? Because it’s about zombies and bloggers, and has a huge, bloody, RSS icon on the cover. Read More Book Review: Feed by Mira Grant

Women of the Supreme Court

A few years ago I realized that I could name more Duggar children than members of the Supreme Court.  I decided to change that and tried to do some research on the history of the SCOTUS, but it didn’t take long before I was bored and moved on to other pursuits.  But, with the SCOTUS being back in session I thought it might be time to take a closer look at the women on the Supreme Court. Read More Women of the Supreme Court

Internet Smarts

Raise your hand if you’ve posted on the internet after one too many glasses of wine.  Now raise your hand if you’ve posted something really stupid on the internet without thinking first.  There are a blue million sites and articles out there which will tell you how to protect yourself from the other people on the web.  We’re here to tell you how to protect you from yourself. Read More Internet Smarts

Coming Monday

Persephone Magazine is a brand new, daily internet destination which will feature news and stories about women.  Our mission is to create a friendly, informative and above all fun place to visit for all women, regardless of race, ability, sexual identity, political beliefs, religion or any other way we’ve managed to separate ourselves from each other. Read More Coming Monday