Web Accessibility for Dummies

The internet has been a wonderful tool to make knowledge and information available to individuals who may not have had access to such information before.  Amongst all the pictures of cats, videos of people getting hit in the balls and porn, the internet is a treasure chest of stories, facts, opinions and trivia that has likely enriched the lives of everyone reading this post.  The internet has also been hugely beneficial to people with disabilities, although the majority of the web is not always designed to meet their needs.  If you’re a blogger or website owner, this post will provide you with some simple, easy to implement solutions for making sure your site or blog is able to be enjoyed by the largest possible number of readers. Read More Web Accessibility for Dummies

Preview of Minecraft Alpha

I know, I shouldn’t write a game review of a game not yet released, but Minecraft is simply sucking way too much of my time that I need to explain why. So here is a preview of Minecraft in its alpha stage. Because I can’t do a review of it yet… Read More Preview of Minecraft Alpha

Good Morning!

Hello! We had a fantastic day yesterday.  We’re floored by how well everything has gone, and ticked to see how many of you stopped by to check us out.  We’ve gotten some great contributions through email, and lots of offers of help or content to share.   We’re off to a good start, now the challenge is to keep everything rolling smoothly.  Read More Good Morning!

Want to Join Us?

Are you a writer, an artist, a questioner of The Way Things Are?  Do you have a passion for spreading the truth, speaking your mind, standing up for what you believe?  Do you know how to do something no one else knows how to do with quite the same flair?  Then we want you to come be a part of Persephone.   Details after the cut. Read More Want to Join Us?

The Day My Mom Died

The day my mom died, it was beautiful outside.  The unbearable summer heat had started to break, the sun was shining and the sky was clear blue.  It was a Saturday, and I had all sorts of plans for things I was going to accomplish before I got The Call.  Read More The Day My Mom Died

Twitter Ready Grammar: For the Love of Lovely Adverbs

We here at Persephone are fans of good grammar. Sure, we’ll have the occasional spelling or usage mishap, but for the love of English teachers everywhere, we make a good effort to be grammatically correct at all times. And the editor hat I wear? It never comes off of my head. So sometimes reading tweets and Facebook status updates is not unlike chalk on a virtual chalkboard. This segment will feature a grammar rant, not longer than 140 words. Read More Twitter Ready Grammar: For the Love of Lovely Adverbs

Endometrial Ablation or “What I did on my summer vacation”

Isn’t it great being a lady? The shoes, the shopping, the ability to make people….there are a lot of advantages.

Sometimes though, being a lady is a drag. Take “ladies’ days” for example — not such a great benefit. A few days of cramping and bloating, and a visit from Aunt Flo isn’t really anyone in her right mind would choose, but it’s a fact of life. Read More Endometrial Ablation or “What I did on my summer vacation”